A little introduction...

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Hello, my name is Kirstie! Firstly welcome to my blog!  You can expect beauty and fashion and everything inbetween and I hope you enjoy the content.

Just a brief bit about me. I'm from the lovely city of Manchester and I'm currently studying for a bachelors degree in Law at the University of Sheffield. When I'm not studying or spending time with my other half it is always a safe bet that I'm experimenting with cosmetics and skin care products of some kind. I just can't help it!

It's fair to say I own my fair share of products, a ridiculous amount judging by the state of my bathroom and shelves. So I thought I would share with you my opinions, tips and tricks and hopefully help others work their way through the minefield that is modern day beauty. So as a self confessed beauty addict and an avid reader of beauty blogs, I thought I would give it a go myself, which brings me to right now =)

Just a small disclaimer though, everything on this site belongs to me, unless stated otherwise. Also, I base my reviews upon thorough use of a product so forgive me if I'm behind the times. I just want to make sure that each product endures a thorough road test so I can give it my seal of approval.

Enjoy xox

Now where do I start...?

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