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Clinique 3 Step

This skin care line has been a must have for so many people, myself being one of them. I've read many mixed reviews in relation to this product line but I think the trick is to go to your local Clinique counter for a skin care consultation or using the tool available on the website ( Not everyone has the same skin type so  before purchasing I would highly recommend having your skin type diagnosed; when I went the lovely Danielle used a chart with sliders on it to determine which products would be best. 

I have combination skin which means my skin varies from oily on the t-zone to dry on the cheeks and chin, as a result of this the most appropriate formula for me was number 2.

Formula 1 is suited to dry and very dry skins
Formula 3 is for oily skins
Formula 4 is for very oily skins

The key difference between the formulas is how astringent they are. 4 is typically the most astringent as it needs to dramatically reduce oil production, while 1 would not seek to do this as oil production is not an issue so being astringent would only further affect the dryness of the skin. 

Step by Step

They call it the 3 step system but skin must first be thoroughly cleansed, not all people are aware of this but my Clinique consultant couldn't stress it enough. So it is rather a 4 step system.

1. The first product I use is the Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser which retails for £15.50 for 150ml. It is a super creamy formula which lathers nicely on the skin. I can see my make up melting away and it leaves skin clean but not in any way tight or dry. Though it may seem expensive, a little most definitely goes a long way; I typically use a pea size amount which lathers enough to remove all traces of make up from my face. Consequently, a tube can last anywhere up to 6 months which I consider economical when compared to some cheaper cleansers which don't do the job and don't seem to last anywhere near as long. 

2. Secondly is the Liquid Facial Soap in Mild which costs £14 for a 200ml bottle. At first I thought cleansing and then using this as well would dry my skin out but so far it's yet to do so. The pump on the bottle is really handy as it means you can easily dispense the product without wasting any, it also means you can dispense the right amount of product. At first I used one full pump of product but now I've learnt that half a pump of product will do the job. It comes out as a clear gel which I prefer to lather in wet hands then apply but any way you prefer would work just as well. I've recently been using the product on the L'Oreal scrublet which comes with the Perfect Clean product and I can actually see the difference it has made (shame the L'Oreal product didn't work as well). Back to the product...

It's a simple, effective face soap which lathers and rinses easily, once more without drying or irritating the skin. What more could a girl want?

3. The next step is the Clarifying Lotion  which costs £15 for a 200ml bottle or £24 for a 400ml bottle. At first I was under the impression that this would be the toner of the regime but I've since learnt it is an exfoliant (which I'm still a tad dubious about). Unlike the other products, this one has a scent, albeit not a very pleasant one: it smells very strongly of alcohol. To use simply pour a tiny amount onto a cotton ball and sweep across the skin; it has a lovely tingly feeling which makes skin feel fresh and clean and over time it has reduced the size of my pores, but don't expect instant results! It has taken me over two years to see a noticeable difference in my skins condition.

4. Last but not least is the cult beauty favourite, Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion which varies in price (I usually opt for the 125ml bottle with the pump for easy dispensation which costs £29). It smooths and moisturises skin, providing an ideal canvas for foundation and works well with the regime. Though expensive, as with the rest of the line, a little goes a long way. I use one pump and it can adequately cover my entire face.


Has it made a difference to my skin? The answer has to be yes, it's dramatically improved my skins appearance and since I began (apart from the initial adjustment period) I haven't had any break outs and my pores look more refined. However if I had to go back I'd definitely tell myself not to expect such great results in an instant. In order for these products to work I would advise being consistent in usage; I've found that if I've skipped a day of using it or have gone away and not used it, my skin has began to revert back to its blemished oily ways. In contrast, when I use it morning and night religiously, my skin looks brighter and clearer and just generally feels better. It might sound like an onerous burden but it takes 6 minutes a day and used over time, the results won't disappoint. 

If your skin does break out in the first week or so of using it, don't panic! I've been told it's because the products are trying to remove the impurities in your skin so it's to be expected but will clear up over time and shouldn't discourage you from using it. However I can't stress how important it is to be using the right products for your skin type, this is the only way you can get the best from a tailored skin care line such as the Clinique 3 step. For example, if you have very oily skin, using type one products won't do much to improve your skins condition as the line isn't astringent enough to dry out the oilyness. 

I would definitely recommend the products as I doubt I will ever defect to another skin care line purely because I tried so many other brands before I found this one which actually works for me, I just wish I'd found it sooner! 

If you aren't keen on investing in the full size products I know that at times, Clinique and Boots tend to offer starter kits which retail for around £20 which include a month or so's supply of products and are generally available for all the different formulas. So if you want to try the products before investing this is an ideal way, this way you can see if it works for you and if not, you aren't stuck with product that won't be used so is money wasted. 

Questions/ Comments are welcome =)

Kirstie xoxo

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