The Most Amazing Invention EVER...

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I cannot rave about this product enough!!

If you've read my post about summer fragrances, you'll know I struggle with bulky bottles in my bag and have been plagued with the silver spray tops getting lost in transit.. Well, I found the solution! The Travalo.

I have three of the classic Travalo's (black, pink and silver) and I honestly don't know how I've managed to function for all these years without just one of them. They retail for roughly £10 (although I managed to find mine a little cheaper on Amazon and I know Cheap Smells sells them too, so shop around) and they're worth every penny, they solve every kind of fragrance related problem a girl could experience. 

Enough pictures, more about the product (excuse the shockingly bad quality towards the end). Travalo make two different versions; as I mentioned I have the Classic but they also do the Excel model which has roughly 15 more sprays.

The one's I have have a 50 spray capacity, weigh a meagre 13g and are just 8cm long. I think the huge plus with these beauties is that all in all they only contain 4ml of liquid so you can take them on flights! Rejoice. I can't bear the thought of being without fragrance for a long haul flight, I'd get off so paranoid about how I smelt which isn't the way I like to start my holidays. 

Another huge plus is that they aren't made with any glass at all and are crafted from plastic and aircraft grade aluminium so you don't need to worry that they're going to crack or leak if you just toss them into your handbag. Perfect for those grab and go days. Also, from my own experience I can reassure you that dropping them doesn't have any consequences either, so if you're clumsy like me then there's no heart stopping moments of will it or wont it break. 

So how do you fill it? Well they've even made that incredibly simple.. When you spray perfume, you usuall push down on a little cap with the little spray outlet on it.. Well they are removeable. I simply twist the little spray cap off and there's a thing tube left exposed. All you have to do is place the Travalo's one way valve onto that thing tube and push so the product sprays into the Travlo. This is so much easier than trying to pour and decant perfumes into other bottles and means that it can be done quickly without wasting any of your perfume which is a bonus. 

If you head on over to youtube, there are so many great videos showing how it's done step by step and it couldn't be any easier.

There's literally nothing not to like about this product, it has no flaws and if it does, you get a lifetime guarantee so the manufacturers will do whatever's necessary to rectify the situation.

I think the only thing I was worried about when I ordered my first one was how to clean the Travalo if I wanted to switch the fragrance that was inside it. I have quite a few strong perfumes and the thought of mixing and potentially ruining the new addition was a worry. However, I found this wonderful travel spray bottle at Boots for £1.55 which has the same size tube as perfume bottles. So all I do is fill the Boots bottle with water and once the Travalo is empty, I pump the water into it and spray it all out to clean it. If I've had a strong fragrance in it, I'll normally do it 2 or 3 times just to make sure all the remnants of the scent are gone. 

I've absolutely nothing bad to say about this little gem. It came along at the exact time I needed it and I simply couldn't imagine life without it. I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but when you're travelling as much as I am, it's a real pain lugging around heavy perfume bottles so this is an absolute godsend. I love smelling great, but the weight of some of the bottles I own is just too much. 

Hope you enjoyed reading and if any of you have one or are considering purchasing one feel free to comment etc.

Kirstie xoxo

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