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Like many others I have been more than intrigued about the clear acrylic storage shown in numerous episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I've  been using an assortment of brush holders from E.L.F a numerous plastic boxes and make-up bags but I finally got fed up of forgetting what I actually had so I had a bit of a splurge and spent roughly fifty pounds on 6 drawers and a lovely all in one brush and small items organiser.

I bought three of the 2 drawers in wide which can be found here . I purchased the ones with the flip up top for £11.50 as I figured I could find an alternate use for them if I got fed up of them for make-up storage, which seems unlikely. You can also purchase them without the flip top lids for a bit less but I've seen many people say stock literally flies out so be quick if you want some. 

The make-up brush storage ma bob I was referring to can be found here  and easily fits all my brushes as well as my eye creams, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, lip balms and such. This one's a nice little multi-functioner and very affordable too at just £7.95.

First of all, apologies that I don't have a picture of the drawers empty, I just couldn't wait to fill them, and I was in a rush as I was going to see Rich Hall live.

As you can see they are lovely to look at and as they are clear you can easily see what is in each drawer which is useful if you are in a rush. What's not easy to tell from the picture is that the drawers are a really generous size, I can quite easily fit a glass bottle of foundation in them horizontally which suits me. Without going into exact measurements and such, I can say that the pictures to follow will show you just how much can be fitted into them. 

This is the little divided storage unit I got, it has four divisions to the back and two larger divisions towards the front. In the four divisions I have all my make-up brushes and manicure tools, which are divided into face/eyes/lips/nails.

The front two compartments usually hold my BB cream from Garnier, primers; setting sprays and such. As you can see it also holds my beloved Travalo's which is nice as I didn't have a clue where to store them where I wouldn't lose them. 

In the very bottom drawer I store all my lip products and as you can see I have a lot of them. Too many I think; don't think I'll be buying any more for a few years. What you can't actually see from the picture is that there are actually two layers of lip products in that one drawer. So it's a really good size considering it appear so streamlined and sleek on the shelf. 

Next are my blushes, bronzers, highlighters, tinted moisturisers and face powders, as well as two random lip balms. Not sure how they got in there. Once again my products are double layered so there's more in there than the picture would have you believe. 

This is my lovely eye drawer which houses all my pencils, liquid liners, mascaras etc. This is the one I have a particular problem with as eye products generally have a lower shelf life that other items of make-up. As this is generally 6 months, I think a lot of this will be making it's way into the hands of family as I won't use it and hate wasting good make-up. As usual it's double layered so lots and lots of room. However I do think that I may eventually move my pencils and liners to my brush holder so I can make this drawer look a little neater.

The next two drawers don't follow any particular pattern I just had items still left out which needed a good home. They're either palettes, randoms or surplus products that I have, so like the mineral foundation in the image below. It's my holy grail so I have 5 extra pots. 

This is the very top drawer and has all the products I use on a regular basis, so foundations, lash glue, powder etc. It just made sense to put my everyday make-up on top so I didn't have to fumble around in all the categorised drawers. 

As you can see these drawers look smart and I can attest that they are very sturdy. I accidentally dropped one trying to get it out of the copious amounts of bubble wrap and was relived to see no marks or scratches or cracks. At first I thought the total price was a little steep, but given the quality, I think these are products which, if well looked after could last a lifetime so I see them as more of an investment than a product which I'll need to replace every few years as I have with the plastic boxes I've been using from IKEA. 

I can't recommend them enough, they've been a brilliant little purchase and my make-up storage has never looked so organised.

Have you used/ purchased Muj storage.. If so what did you think? If not do you have an better alternatives?

Kirstie xoxo

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