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Hey all, hope you are all well.

This post is going to be about a little challenge that I have set myself as a result of some inspiring Youtube videos. From what I understand this challenge isn't so widely known within the UK  and I only happened to stumble upon the video so I had no previous knowledge of it. 

What is Project X Pan I hear you ask? Well the answer is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It's basically a challenge of using up a number of make-up and bath/ body products which you rarely use; you can set a period of time or you can just take as long as you need. I'll link some video's at the bottom so you can get an idea of how it varies and the types of routes you can take. 

I've set myself a rather untraditional challenge. I'm going to try and use up  as many of my products by my 21st Birthday which is on the 01/11/2012 and I've made a vow not to purchase any more make-up or bath stuff until I have completely ran out of whatever it may be. Torturous I know.

The items I am most keen to use up are 

  •  ELF hypershine lip glosses: I have around ten and I now realise that 10 is far too many.
  •  3 ELF eyeshadow palletes (one large and two small). I have the UD Naked 2 and there's just no need for them anymore so I want to get them used up and gone.
  •  Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara's - I have five of these amongst others so these need to go too. 
  •  ELF tinted moisturisers (from both the basic and studio lines) as I much prefer BB creams now.
  •  Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Puckers - just because I have too many (lovely as they are, I have no need for 15 of them). 
  • A few different perfumes - I have a stash to rival The Perfume Shop so I desperately need to slim my collection down.
  • A number of body sprays. I have roughly 20 and I honestly never seem to use them. I don't think I have gravitated towards one since high school to be honest so it's time to use them up and get shut. Preferably ASAP.
  • I also have a ridiculously large collection of shower gels, body butters and body scrubs. Again I think I could rival  Boots in this department (shouldn't have bought so many Soap and Glory Hampers at Christmas).
To me, the challenge  behind Project Pan is to shop your stash. Being completely honest, I know for a fact that I purchase items I simply don't need purely because I don't take the time to sort through what I actually have.

Now I must confess, though I am only announcing this on my blog right now, I have in fact been 
doing this challenge since 07/05/12. With regards to shopping my stash I think I've been doing relatively well, I've started to use my Benefit lip and cheek tints a little more and the Sexy Mother Puckers have been out in force so it's been going well from that respect. However, I think I may have been a tad ambitious when I stated that I wouldn't buy any more bits till my birthday. 

Debenhams is the devil. For any of you that haven't heard, Debenhams now do their own Beauty Club card which allows you to earn points from purchases (500 points = £5 reward to spend on beauty; you can pick one up from any Debenhams beauty hall) and I happened to have rewards to spend so I topped up on Clinique's All About Eyes which I love and make a cheeky first ever MAC purchase - the Crosswires Creamsheen Lipstick.

I wouldn't have minded had it been a few weeks into the challenge, but this was week one. Oops.Since then, I have purchased two more MAC lipsticks and 8 Body Shop lipbalms. Terrible I know. I've since decided enough is enough. I've un-subscribed from so many newsletters and the likes just so I am not at all tempted. Though drastic, I must admit it's the best idea I've had in a while and my bank balance is truly grateful for it. 

So as of TODAY, right this very second I will be buying no more make-up till the 01/11/2012. 

Fear not though, I have amassed a ridiculous stash so I have enough to be blogging about for the time being and if I ever run out of anything I'll be sure to try something new and exciting so I can keep you all in the beauty loop as much as I possibly can. 

Have any of you lovely lot tried project pan? If so how did you get on? If not, would you ever consider trying it; do you think you could? I'd love to hear from you all.

As usual any questions or comments feel free!

Kirstie xoxo

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