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Hello you lovely lot, hope you are all well. 

It's been far too long since I last posted but you'll all be pleased to know that I finally have a few posts which are more or less ready and as University is now over for the year I promise posts will be more frequent.

Moving on; as you can probably tell from the title I'm going to give you a little update with regards to my project pan efforts... 

Let me tell you, so far it hasn't seemed that difficult but now I'm really starting to struggle.  I had so many partially full bottles and the likes knocking around the last time I posted that I thought I was progressing rather nicely where getting rid of my collection is concerned. WRONG. Now all those bits and bats have gone and I'm having to work on new or generously sized products I am finding my motivation lagging as my basket doesn't seem to fill as quick.... 

Mind you, this is not for lack of trying; I've stuck to a set of products and haven't deviated and three weeks on, still none of them are even closed to being empty. Boo.

So since I last posted, here is what I have managed to get rid of....

Skincare and Bodycare

  • Soap and Glory - Scrub Your Nose In It
This product I don't think I would repurchase as it was way too harsh for my skin. I can't point my finger on what caused the irritation but my skin would always be raw red after use, even if I'd been super gentle. I'd say the only plus about this product is the grains really are micro so your pores do get a good clean but other than that, this really doesn't have much going for it as an exfoliator. You can use the product as a mask by just leaving a thin layer on for 3 minutes but again it irritated the heck out of my skin so it's a big no no for me.. But as always it could just be my skin so I wouldn't really discourage you all from trying it. It might work really well for you and as with most things, it really is a case of trial and error. If you are interested in this product you can find it in most Boots stores; Harvey Nichols and online here
  • '' Hand Food x 2
Does what it says on the tin really. It's a really good hand cream with the signature Soap and Glory scent. In terms of repurchasing, I'm on the fence with this one. I bought 12 of the Soap and Glory Christmas gift sets as it was all I used last year so I thought I would stock up and save some pennies, but I'm now getting really bored with the products and the scent so I'm just going through the motions of using them all up. Also, for the price I'm not really sure it does anything extraordinary (not that it claims to by the way) so I'd probably opt for a cheaper hand cream which does the exact same job. As with all Soap and Glory products you can find them as per the Scrub Your Nose In It locations.
  • Simple Oil Control Moisturiser
A surprisingly light moisturiser which does a damn good job keeping oil at bay. This one surprised me but I'll always prefer Clinique's DDML so this was just a case of getting rid of it. Otherwise a really good budget buy for you ladies with oily/ combination skins. I won't be repurchasing but if you are interested you can find it in most stores which sell skincare as well as online. So it is widely available.
  • Clinique Clarifying lotion
If you've read my skincare post you know that this is just a regular part of the Clinique 3-step. I use it morning and night and love it. The smell isn't great but I can put up with that for the softest skin I've ever had. Also, the price may seem steep but it took me well over 6 months to use the whole bottle up so it works out to a few pounds a week if that. I've already stocked up on this one too so I'll never be in danger of running out. You can find this at all Clinique counters and if you are interested I'd highly recommend waiting till there's a bonus time on as the gifts are fantastic and are a nice treat too.
  • Boss Orange - body lotion
Not really much to say about this one. It came as part of a gift set with the perfume and I have to say it smells nothing like the perfume and isn't very moisturising at all. It's a nice little add on but I would never purchase this as a standalone product. Awful.
  • Soap and Glory - Pulp Friction
This is my current body exfoliating crush... It smells like summer and clears dead skin cells on the body without being at all rough. I also love how it foams like a shower gel so I don't need to use a shower gel then this. It's one less thing in the shower and I'm running out of room in there so this is a huge plus. I could recommend this till the cows come home I love it that much. If I were to have bought it on it's own, £8 would have seemed a tad on the steep side.... but a little really does go a long way, especially as it foams up. So unless you're scrubbing everyday, which I'm sure isn't recommended, this beauty can last a good few months so it's a worthwhile investment. For those ladies on a budget, Boots usually have 3 for 2 offers on bath and body so you can always snag a bargain! I am guilty of taking full advantage of these as a student.
  • Nivea body lotion sample
I got this in a Race For Life goody bag I got after I'd finished my 5k a million moons ago so I thought it was time to use it and bid it farewell. It was a nice, basic lotion but the lack of fragrance means I probably wouldn't be buying the full size in a hurry.
  • Soap and Glory - Off Your Face wipes
I'm a bit on the fence with these ones, they do remove make-up well but at times I get this really horrid stinging sensation around my nose and under my eyes (even though I don't use them to remove my eye make-up) so I've had a hit a miss experience with them. Generally speaking though, they are good but if they weren't a part of the gift sets, I think I would use either the Boots essentials ones or the Simple face wipes as they're gentler, cheaper and do the job just as well. Also the smell ---- really not good. My other half had to move well away from me the last time I used one to remove make-up.
  • Garnier - firming body lotion x 2
Love this. The scent I can really take or leave (it's a really synthetic lemon scent) but what the lotion does I love. Now I'm always sceptical when a lotion makes grand claims but I can genuinely attest that my thighs looked and felt firmer and softer after seven days of use. It's a miracle in a bottle, BUT it does require consistent use to really see the effects of the lotion. Aside from the scent, the one thing I really wish they would change is how long is takes the lotion to sink in. It sits on the skin like a film for what feels like ages and when the film 'sets' it rubs off and just makes a mess... so it definitely requires patience after application. Other than that, I would definitely repurchase, but only if it was on offer. The bottle costs £6 or £7 for 400ml which is a bit pricey, given that with the twice daily use it doesn't last very long. So I will be keeping my eyes peeled for offers on this lovely - I have stocked up so I have some to tide me over so fingers crossed. 
  • Clarins Daily Energiser wake up booster
The worlds most pointless product... I literally have no idea what this product is meant to do for the skin.. The blurb was all about waking your skin up... well mine must be in hibernation because this did nothing for me (even when used in conjunction with the rest of the Daily Energiser range). On a plus it smelt lovely... Would I repurchase? No thanks, I'll stick to the Clarifying Lotion. 

I'd be interested to know if any of you have used this range or particular product and seen results though as I really wanted to like this range.
  • Simple eye make-up remover
Another hit and miss product. It removes the majority of eye make-up, but no matter how thorough I am, I always wake up with black under eyes. It's a miss because of that, but a hit because it's so gentle that no matter how hard I scrub, my skin doesn't sting or go red. Despite removal issues, I still think I would repurchase this (I might just need to brush up on my make-up removal skills) as most other eye make-up removers don't agree with the sensitive skin around my eyes and this doesn't do such a horrid job that it would discourage me from buying it.
  • Soap and Glory - Calm One Calm All
It's just bubble bath.. When I first used this, I had imaginations of this really bubbly; fragrant, relaxing bath. I was a tad let down if I'm completely honest. The scent really doesn't translate so the scent is pretty much lost as soon as it goes into the bath. You really have to put the effort in to get mountains of bubbles, where cheaper alternatives products mountains by themselves. Relaxation was achieved, but after I've used up the bottles I have I don't think I'll be buying this again. I'll stick to the N-Spa ones that I love. Also, for the money it is definitely not even an investment as I find a little most definitely does NOT go a long way... 
  • Boss Orange - 75ml
As soon as I saw Sienna Miller in their ad campaigns for this fragrance, I knew I had to have it. I'm normally really fussy when it comes to fragrance but I purchased this blind (an impromptu phone call from the parents in duty free) and I've not looked back since. The 75ml is the same bottle they got me and it's took me all this time to use it up so it's good value for what I paid. I just think it's a really nice everyday fragrance and it stays on for a really long time considering it's an EDT. Overall there's nothing I dislike about this particular fragrance so if you're looking for the perfect summer scent, look no further... As always you can find this in a whole multitude of stores and prices can vary significantly so I'd definitely recommend shopping around for this one, as well as for perfumes in general. Lastly, I have repurchased this as I can't imagine not having it to fall back on. 
  • L'Oreal Cleansing Milk
This is another product I just had to get rid of. It's a milk cleanser which removes all traces of make-up in a swipe - simple. It was too heavy for my skin so I can't see it finding it way onto my bathroom shelf again any time soon but it did the job so wasn't anything particularly unpleasant.
  • Clinique All About Eyes
I don't know what it is, but Clinique are a brand which really seem to do it for me. I've never had a bad experience with their products. Though I've recently stopped seeing real results with the 3-step, this eye cream never disappoints. It revives my tired eyes in an instant and they just look like a brighter and better version of their natural selves. I can't really ask for much more. It is a tad on the pricey side BUT a little most definitely goes a long way. The 15ml pot lasts me 6 months so it's not a price you'll be forking out for very often. In all honesty, this is my luxury treat as it isn't something people think is an essential... but I can't live without a good eye cream - and this one is as good as it gets for me. 
  • Ted Baker shower gel
Ugh..... Majorly dislike the new Ted Baker bath and body stuff. The scents really don't do it for me and neither do the formulations. This one was the one with the butterflies all over the packaging and I smelt like a really sickly jelly bean after showering - great if you like that kind of thing, but it is most definitely not mine. If you do like that kind of smell then this is perfect for you. It does the job but it doesn't do it with bells on it. If I hadn't been given it as part of a Christmas gift, this would never have gotten through my front door. 
  • Paul Smith Floral 30ml
This perfume I've loved ever since it came out. I can't describe the scent but it's lovely and floral as the name suggests. But it's not floral in an old lady kind of way - it's young and fresh. Aside from the scent. the best thing about this perfume is that it's cheap as chips. I've always managed to pick it up with a huge discount on RRP from places like Debenhams and Boots so it's perfect for ladies on a budget who love a bit of luxury. I also think it would make a really great gift for teenagers and twenty somethings. All I can say is.. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
  • Soap and Glory - Glad Hair Day
This is a really lovely shampoo with the loveliest scent. I thought it might be the signature Soap and Glory one but it couldn't smell more different, which I really like as I'm currently in the midst of a Soap and Glory overkill. It doesn't work wonders but it cleanses hair really well and gives it a lovely shine too. Price wise, it's a tad more than I would spend on a shampoo so I don't think I would purchase it myself but as part of the gift set I got it in, it was a pleasant addition. 
  • Boots Vitamin E cream with SPF
This what bought on a whim as I woke up one crazy morning and thought aah my moisturiser has no SPF. It has a lovely smell but is a tad too greasy for my combination skin. Love the SPF and love the scent; but they aren't enough to risk a break out. I now get my SPF fix from my BB cream or mineral make-up - so no spots and a lovely complexion, win. However, for what it does, it's so cheap and I wasn't able to find an alternative anywhere near this low in price.
  • Right Guard deodorant
Does the job and smells not at all like a deodorant. It has a really lovely smell. With this one, I will say that I've seen prices vary significantly depending on where you go. The first time I bought it, I paid over £3 for it and was a bit disappointed to wander into Home Bargains and find it for just £1 that very same day. So definitely shop around on this one as from my experience you can always find it cheaper than RRP somewhere.

  • E.L.F Hypershine Gloss - woopeee
I bought a whole bunch of these on an E.L.F 50% off deal ages ago and this is the first one I've managed to use up. Don't get me wrong they are really good glosses but lately I've been reaching more for tints and lipsticks so they've been a tad neglected. What initially attracted me was the brush that replaces the lipgloss wand. I thoroughly enjoy using the brush tip and I know they are similar to the Stila glosses. So for a cheap and cheerful lipgloss, you can't go wrong with these.
  • W7 Lipgloss
  • E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner pen x 2 
I really like these, they were also a part of my last E.L.F haul and I'd be inclined to say they have been one of my favourite E.L.F purchases. They make applying eyeliner so easy, the pen just glides along the skin leaving a pigmented even line behind. For £1.50 what more could you expect? I'd highly recommend these to anyone and the colour range is great too so there's something for everyone.
  • Body Shop lip balm
I have a gagillion of these in all flavours and I wouldn't be without one. They are super glossy and super moisturising and the scents are to die for. And they're at a great price point too; even better if you sign up for the Body Shop newsletter as they are constantly mailing discount codes, allowing you to snag an even better bargain. I know a lot of people have an issue using lip balms in pots for hygiene reasons but as long as your hands are clean I see no issue to be honest. For those of you who do err on the side of caution when it comes to lip balms in pots I understand they do make them in stick form now! Woo for you! 
  • Nivea lip balm
I enjoyed using this but it wasn't very moisturising and vanished from the lips in a matter of minutes so when my lips needed a little TLC I definitely didn't reach for this. Nice enough but not up to the job. 
  • E.L.F mineral infused face primer
I think I had this listed in my Holy Grail post but I'm now on the fence with this. I think I like the idea of it more than the results. Even though I apply it, I never seem to see the benefits yet I continued to apply it daily in the hope something might change - but it just  didn't. I have repurchased due to the current 50% promotion so we'll see if me and this primer can begin to get along. Have any of you seen any results with this product? 
  • Soap and Glory - Thick and Fast mascara.
This mascara I love. Are my lashes thick? Yes. Job done. This product gives me the false lash look in one swoop of the want. So it definitely works but it does flake and I tend to see black/ grey traces on my eyelids after midday so I can look a little scary if I'm sans eye shadow. Other than that, I really like it. It does the job so many mascara's don't BUT I probably wouldn't repurchase. My main reasoning for this is that I used to use the E.L.F mineral infused mascara and really loved the result and the price and I just prefer it over Soap and Glory's offering. For those interested, you can find this at larger Boots stores as well as online. 
  • No 7 Nail Polish
Not really much to say about this. I only used it a few times before the formula started to separate and go funny. That said, I used a £5 No7 voucher so it cost me £2 so it's no big loss. 

So as you can see I did get through a fair bit since I last blogged; just a shame I can't see the difference as my collection still looks massive. Nevertheless I am continuing and have done reasonably well as far as purchases go.

Excuse the lack of images but my camera is currently out of action... sad face.... so I'm relying on my iPhone. Here is one of what my basket looked like with all those empty goodies inside.

Are any of you inspired to do a project pan or have you done one? What products do you find difficult to use up? I'd love to hear from you all!

Kirstie xoxo

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