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Hello all, hope you are well....

So this post is going to be all about a scent which I never imagined enjoying.... The blurb surrounding the product really didn't do a lot for me so I gave it a miss during the Christmas sales... What a fool I had been...

On a recent trip to Debenhams with my Mum I wandered over to the fragrance department just curious to see whether it was actually as described or if my head had conjured up something very different.. Unfortunately for me it was the latter; it smelt amazing and I had forgone an amazing bargain those months ago. Now I wish I had took a gamble..

The Product Itself

The 50ml refillable eau de parfum oddly varies in price from £50 in Boots and Debenhams to £62.50 in Selfridges so I'd definitely advise shopping around. I've recently discovered the Perfume Shop and I know they frequently have great deals; with regards to shopping online, have a sniff instore and there are plenty of price points to be found. But as with any kind of internet shopping, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS exercise caution and use reputable sellers and stores. Lastly, if you are buying during a holiday season you can often find nice little gift sets which are really good value for money and make excellent presents. 

Anyway, here's what the blurb says...

Thierry Mugler Womanity the fragrance is a symbol of feminine power. A link, a positive energy shared by all women, a way for women to connect. An Eau de Parfum like no other, that celebrates the diversity of styles and femininity. A unique sweet, salty, woody creation. A unique falcon with its frieze metallic cap and pink undertones.

Sweet, salty and woody.... I don't know about you but I was expecting it to smell like sugar coated trees or something. My mind running wild wasn't helped by the large bag of mixed reviews surrounding this fragrance either. Some people have said it smells awful; is terribly strong and doesn't settle well on the skin, so suffice to say I was reasonably hesitant during the sales. However, I now realise that some people will only write a  review if they don't particularly like a product, so as to warn others against it. 

The reality is that this perfume smells to me like the beach in a bottle... It's sweet and fruity, but not overly girly. You definitely can smell a hint of saltiness but it is very subtle and complementary so don't let that put you off. As for woodiness, it definitely has that element on the initial spray but as the scent works with the skin it smells simply amazing. 

I managed to find one of the lovely gift sets for an amazing price and here's exactly what I got...

Profile of the bottle featuring the signature Womanity face and design.

So as you can see, the bottle is already a clear winner in the style stakes. It's so unique and pretty in a 'strong woman' kind of way. It's not sweet and girly, it's tough and edgy and just like the fragrance, it packs a punch.

With regards to the packaging, Thierry Mugler is the first brand I personally have come across which uses refillable bottles which is a huge plus. Where the spray cap is, the top twists off so you can pour more perfume in, not only does this save on material use but it also saves our money. The refills can be purchased for a mere £39 pound which is £11 less than a brand spanking new bottle. Bonus! 

With regards to the fragrance itself, I love it. The smell puts a smile on my face and makes me feel ready to face the day. I'm used to using girly, fruity scents which I associate with a younger version of myself (Lacoste Touch of Pink is a fragrance that has stayed with me since high school) but this instantly makes me feel more sophisticated without smelling too old for my age (I am only 20 after all). 

I can waffle on here for hours but I urge you all to give this a go. I was hesitant at first but it was truly love at first sniff. Not since I discovered Miss Dior Cherie have I been so taken with a fragrance so for me that's saying something. 

With regards to the gift set as a whole, while it is lovely I find the gift bag a tad out of sync... You see, it has the signature Star symbol on it, even though there is no Thierry Mugler Angel in sight. Lovely nevertheless but I thought they could perhaps have used some of the Womanity branding to make it a proper cohesive gift set. But that's really me just clutching at straws for something I didn't like. 

Have you tried or are you thinking about trying Womanity? What did you think or what are you wondering?

As always questions and/ or comments are more than welcome.

Kirstie xoxo

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