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Hello all, hope you're all well and enjoying this lovely weekend!

Today I thought I'd share a little gem I found while I was in work this past week. It's bang on trend and totally bargainous so you can be up to date without breaking the bank - bonus!

These past few weeks, the blogosphere has gone crazy for Max Factor's Fantasy Fire nail polish which can be purchased here for £3.99. I'll be honest and admit, I really wasn't taken with it and had no urge to rush and purchase it. It was a pretty colour but it didn't captivate me enough to get me to cough up the cash... But now, thanks to having a bit of time to kill, I have a colour that is almost identical for a price much more in my budget right now.

For those of you who don't know, I currently work as a merchandiser inside an Asda store so I always have a gander at the George cosmetics whenever I'm in, just to see what their latest offerings are. For those of you who have never tried George cosmetics, they come highly recommended from me; especially their mascara's and nail polishes. They are generally good quality products at affordable prices  (though I have noticed that some of their newer launches are bordering on the Rimmel/Maybelline border price wise) and the nail polish I'm going to be reviewing here is no exception.

Anyway's, I had time to kill so I thought I would add some summer colours to my polish collection; some nudes and pastels perhaps but I was immediately struck by the shade No 22 Ultraviolet which appeared to be a dead ringer for the Max Factor polish. And guess what... it's exactly £2.99 cheaper as the nail polishes are currently rolled back from £1.75 to just £1! There was literally no excuse to leave this gem behind.

The colour itself is a lovely purple with shimmers of green, blue and gold.. It's just beautiful on; but be warned the colour needs to be built up to achieve the same shade you see in the bottle so it takes a few coats and a LOT of patience. That said, the final result is well worth the effort; it's perfect for adding a bit of glamour during this summers festivities. On a brighter note, when George state their polishes are quick drying, they are not lying... In seconds you are ready to load up another coat... so the more opaque polishes can make for manicures in minutes, ideal for women on the go for sure.

I've got a few pictures to share with you of the polish, but I will tell you now, none of them do it any justice. I just can't seem to capture all the different shades in the polish but the stock image on the actual website is more accurate so that can be found here. Excuse the poor condition of my hands, my job generally means my hands look a tad on the raggier side..

The bottle

One coat

Two coats..

Three coats.

As you can see, it is a very sheer formula so a few coats in my opinion are essential, but it also means the polish is versatile. I can see a sheer wash of this polish working well over a nude nail for example - adding a light shimmer to give the nail some dimension. 

So if you're looking for a pretty purple to add to your collection, I'd say look no further... I'd also definitely recommend checking out the rest of George's extensive range of polishes. They have shatter polishes, 3d glitters and a molten metals collection (as well as the essential basic colour lines) so there's definitely something for everyone!

Have you tried the George dupe or the original Max Factor polish? What did you think? Have I missed out by not purchasing the Max Factor version? I'd love to hear what you think, and also if you just have any polishes you think I must have I'd love to hear those too!

I hope you've enjoyed reading and as always I'd love to hear your questions and comments!

Kirstie xoxo

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