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Hello to you all. 

This is a little continuation of the Boots haul in the previous post but I wanted to separate it because I bought quite a few of the new products from No 7 so I thought the deserved a separate post.

As usual, my intention was to get one thing, but when offers and suggestions come into play I always seem to leave with more.

The product I intended to get I actually did... It was the No 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've spent months debating whether to purchase the original Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I just couldn't seem to commit as I'd had no experience with the brand or hot cloth cleansers so it could have been a waste on all fronts. When perusing the Boots site, I came across the No 7 version and the reviews were largely encouraging as were other bloggers reviews, I think what helped was that I have had experience with the No 7 brand and had experienced good things. 

The staff at the No 7 Counter were so helpful in helping me decide if it was suitable for my skin type and even went so far as to suggest when and how to use the product which was so helpful given the fact that I'm new to the whole hot cloth cleanser bandwagon. If you're ever unsure I would highly recommend asking for their assistance, they are so knowledgeable and passionate about the brand it's always worth asking. 

Turning to the product itself, it's a lovely thick white cream that smooths on nicely and has a lovely, subtle fragrance. I've yet to use it on my face yet but I was planning to do a full post, including step my step guide so that is to come and I'll give a full and frank opinion there. But so far so good.

The Extras

Now on to the items I didn't plan to purchase but somehow ended coming home with. Firstly, I took full advantage of the offers and vouchers that I had that I could use. At the time, No7 had a 3 for 2 on all skin care and a buy one get one half price on make-up and I also had a lovely five pound off voucher for No 7 cosmetics which I made full use of. 

For the 3 for 2 on skincare I got the Hot Cloth Cleanser of course, the Airbrush Away Primer and the Beautiful Skin Day Cream for normal/oily skin. 

From the little in store demo's these products look like they have a lot to offer but I've yet to use them  as part of my regular regime so I will give them a whirl and do some follow up posts.

For the buy one get on half price, plus five pound off I plumped for the new No 7 BB creams, one for normal/oily skin and one for normal/dry. I've had very little experience with BB creams so the consultant had a lot to prove before I purchased these two. 

I must admit, the results were better than I could have expected them to be. Though they don't offer great coverage, they add a lovely luminosity to skin  and even skin tone without caking or looking overdone. Because I was a bit unsure, a lovely No 7 consultant called Khalid agreed to remove all my make-up and show me just how good it could look; even so I was still very sceptical. 

In all honesty, I have to give it to Khalid, my skin looked lovely. It wasn't flawless but it was a nice finish without looking like I had a full face on. However, I was very much under the impression that BB creams were a miracle product which required minimal effort for maximum results. It took Khalid a good half an hour to perfect the look which took far too long in my opinion. There was a lot of brushing and blending and it just seemed like a lot of faff. 

Once more, I've not really used this product since I had my in store makeover as my skin's not been in the best condition and I don't want to scare people so I'm yet to give it a run in real life. So I think I'll probably do another full post on these two BB creams in the very near future. 

The offers are still available in store and online as far as I am aware so go grab them while you can as they're are some fab products in the range. I'll do a series of more thorough posts on the individual products as soon as I've used them so you can get a better feel of the products. 

Feel free to comment or ask questions about any of these products.. Have you used any of them, did you enjoy or dislike them... what would you recommend as an alternative...

Kirstie  xoxo

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