Project Pan Update

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Good morning all! I hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather!

It's that time again, I've filled my basket with empties and am now up to product number 52 on my project pan expedition! Woo!

As you can see there's nothing really exciting in there. It's mainly Soap and Glory toiletries and everyday essentials; but there are two make up items in there which is an achievement.

I'll begin by saying the two Ted Baker bodycare products in there, I hated. They came in a Christmas gift set and I will never ever repurchase these. The year before last, I loved the Ted Baker body care range but these were a huge let down... The one in the round pot smelt like incense and the Butterfly tube made me smell like a walking jelly bean... If you are interested in either of these, you can find them at Boots stores as well as online. The body souffle in the round tub costs £6.50  and the Butterfly lotion costs £5.50. I'd definitely recommend saving your money.

The Soap and Glory products I love (though I will be having a break from them once I've used up all my gift sets). The majority are reasonably priced and last a long time so there's not really anything to dislike about the range. The one thing I'm gutted to have used up is the Glad Hair Day; I used another tube up in my previous update so now I am without Soap and Glory loveliness for my hair =(. The rest of the products I have reviewed in other updates; but I will say I still like them and have many more to use up.

The daily essentials are my E.L.F brush cleanser, Batiste dry hair spray, Pearl Drops toothpaste, shaving foam and Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. Out of all of these products, the only one I won't be repurchasing is the E.L.F brush cleanser as I've found a gentle hand soap which does a better job. The rest are everyday staple which I love and will continue to love; in particular the Pearl Drops toothpaste which is amazing for pearly whites in weeks.

Lastly, I was really pleased to use up three items of make-up! Which is an achievement I think. They were the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in Ivory; an MUA pressed powder in the lightest shade  and an E.L.F Hypershine lipgloss in the shade Vixen .

As for repurchasing these once my project pan is done, I don't think I will. I have roughly 12 of the lipglosses still so I've plenty to be working on with those; but I just don't see myself as a lipgloss girl anymore so I doubt they will be finding their way back into my muji drawers in a hurry. That said, they are super cheap and do look lovely on.

With regards to the Rimmel foundation, we have a love/ hate relationship. I love the way it looks, but hate the way it is so difficult to clean off my brushes. Because it is a long wearing formula it really does stick around (which I guess is a huge plus if you aren't one for touching up), but I don't want it sticking around on my brushes. Also I have the shade Ivory and I find it is too dark for me, even though when I purchased it, it was the palest shade; because of this I think I'll probably try something new. I'd also stay away if you have oily/combination skin as it makes me shiny in seconds, even with powder!

Last but not least, the MUA powder... It looks super pale in the pan but disappointingly orange on my face. I am not a fan of this. I will say however, if you can find a shade to match your skin then I'm sure you'll enjoy it as it is good quality for £1.

So as you can see, the rate at which I'm using up products has slowed significantly. I'm finding it so difficult to work away at new products and I feel like I'm never going to reduce my stash by my 21st. It seems never ending. The hardest products are definitely cosmetics; I'm trying to use up an E.L.F essential blush and despite using it every day since I started project pan, I've yet to hit pan... How ironic right? But hey ho, I'm plodding along and I've plenty of treats coming up for you lot!

Have any of you been inspired to do a project pan? I'd love to hear from you all!

Questions and comments are always welcome!



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