My Concealed Weapon

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Hello to each and every one of you, hope you're all well! Happy Bank Holiday Monday for those of you in the UK, hope you're enjoying the extra day off!

Today I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on a product which has become a bit of a cult beauty buy amongst the blogging community.

It is of course the Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection 2000 (now just Collection I do believe).

It's marketed as a full cover concealer which will last a total of 16 hours and for a mere £4.19 it doesn't disappoint (the bonus being that you can purchase it pretty much anywhere that stocks cosmetics! So it's not difficult to get hold of.)

There's no doubt that it's full coverage; it's thick and creamy and conceals pretty much anything - even the darkest of undereyes. I really like the fact that it is full coverage as my dark circles can get pretty out of control during semesters. However, as it is a really thick formula I also find it very difficult to apply and blend without dragging the skin under the eye which is a real concern. For those of you that aren't aware, the skin under your eyes is really fragile so should be treated with care at all times; so this in my eyes isn't too great a product from that aspect.

Another problem I've had with the formula of this concealer and it's blend-ability is that if my undereyes aren't moisturised to within an inch of their life it becomes patchy and makes my undereyes look horrific. So I'd advise applying a creamy eye cream before using this particular product.

Issues aside, I'm quite partial to this concealer. In my everyday life, I really don't have the time to be touching up or worrying about my make-up so this long wear formula has come up trumps for me. I wouldn't go as far as suggesting it does in fact last a whole 16 hours, but the staying power for a budget product is excellent. This is one element of my make-up that I really can forget about; no matter what the weather or the situation it's still there. Great news for busy girls like myself. 

For those of you who play just as hard as you work, this is perfect for a night out for the above reasons. No matter how much you sweat; how hard you dance or how much foam there is, you need not worry! 

I now understand why this product has such rave reviews and I feel it will definitely become a make-up staple of mine, and costing under £5 I think I'll be repurchasing over and over again.

I'm going to include some pictures but please excuse the lack of anything on the tube. I've been using the product for just over two weeks and despite not taking it anywhere, all the writing has rubbed off...

The shade I have it in is number 2 which they say is light.. I'm not sure I agree with this as it looks yellowy/orange on my light skin. The only reason I opted for this shade was because the fair shade just looked too fair. On reflection, I should have gone for the paler option...

Mmm orangey.

So all things considered, I would repurchase and would even recommend this... albeit in the correct shade for your skintone. Long lasting and cheap; can't really ask for much more to be honest.

I'd be keen to know what you guys think about this one. Does it deserve cult status?


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