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Hey all, sorry it's been a while since I posted. I hope you're all well and making the most of the lovely weather!

Today I thought I'd share with you my updated make-up and tools storage as I've since purchased some more bits and bobs from Muji.

The first thing I bought was one of the Acrylic 5 drawers which I've heard so much about. They've finally brought them over to our shores but I've heard from numerous places that they aren't going to be a permanent addition to the line... Sad face...

The coveted 5 drawer costs £24.95 (you can buy one here) which I think is reasonable as if you look after them well enough they should last a lifetime. The only issue I have with ordering from Muji is the shipping costs. I don't know about you but I really begrudge paying them where possible, but as you can't guarantee anything is in stock in store it's best to order online if you don't want to be disappointed (I know Muji don't have many stores in the UK either so online is a safe bet).

That aside, I'd highly recommend Muji for quality products. So, let's have a closer look at the five drawer...  (I'm sorry for filling them already but I've had them a while so this post's been a long time coming)

The first thing you'll notice is that the drawers look quite shallow, that's because they are. If you've viewed my other Muji post you'll see that I could quite easily fit two layers of products into those drawers; these only fit a single layer.

I did think this would make them a bit of a dud, but I'm actually really happy with them as I can easily see what shades are in there and what products are in there. Whereas in my standard Muji drawers I had to dig about a bit to find what I was looking for.

I would say that if you know you're products tend to be quite large, I might give this one a miss as you really won't get a lot into them. But the dimensions and such are on the website so you can figure that out for yourself.

I'm currently using my 5 drawers for lipglosses; lipsticks; lipbalms/conditioners; mascara's and my Naked 2 Palette with some mini Benefit primers thrown in for good measure. I love how everything's so neat and tidy and accessible. My poor Naked 2 Palette used to be squashed into my eyeshadow drawer so I like that it can take pride of place in the top drawer.

Now as I mentioned early, shipping isn't the cheapest so I purchased some more 2 drawers ( 3 to be exact), this time without the flip up lid. It just figured I'd get everything I needed in one go to save on shipping. So here is what my finished make-up storage looks like...


If you have any questions about Muji or make-up storage in general feel free!

All questions and comments are more than welcome.


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