Savvy Saver Pt. 2

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Hi all, today I'm going to continue with the theme of saving money/ getting more for your money and I'll be focussing on loyalty cards today.

Loyalty cards are schemes which generally reward you for spending in whatever store it is, so if you do tend to spend your money in one place you can really benefit.

From what I understand, the most popular and the longest running beauty specific loyalty card is the Boots Advantage Card Scheme. This one is my personal favourite but two other retailers have recently joined the club too so I'm going to go through the pro's and cons of each individual scheme.

Boots Advantage Card


  • 4 points per £ making it the most generous loyalty card of the lot.
  • Quarterly mail outs with good offers and points bonuses.
  • Bonus point events where you can earn a whopping amount of points.
  • You can redeem the points at any time.
  • You can now spend your points online.

  • Can't use points as part payment.

Superdrug Beauty Card


  • The card has a cool mirror on it; perfect for touch ups.
  • Bonus point events in store.
  • Can use points as part payment
  • Can redeem points at any time

  • Only one point per £.
  • No vouchers through the post.

Debenhams Beauty Club Card 


  • Frequent bonus points promotions.
  • Free delivery for card holders.
  • Free makeovers and samples in store.

  • Can be confusing as you earn different points for the amount you spend instore and a different number of points for online purchases.
  • Can only spend points when they've been converted (they're converted in multiples of £5).


From the above, you can see that the perks vary and you might find that you personally benefit more from one card than another. 

Out of the three the one that I can't say I would recommend is the Superdrug Beauty Card. As you're only earning 1 point for every £ spent, so you'd need to spend a whopping £100 to earn just £1 of rewards. This scheme therefore doesn't benefit me in any way as I don't think I've spent £100 in Superdrug over the past 5 years. However, if you are a regular Superdrug shopper I wouldn't discourage you, as it is likely you'll benefit more from this scheme than I will.

From the above, you can obviously guess that I love the Advantage Card Scheme and the Debenhams Beauty Club Card. This is purely because they are the ones that benefit me the most. I order a lot of my premium products and perfumes from the Debenhams website and during in store promotions so I soon rack up the rewards which I use on treats for myself. And as for Boots, it's just where I go for everyday beauty basics and high street cosmetics so I find that I earn a lot just through that. 

When it comes to saving money through these schemes it actually doesn't hurt to have all three.

If you're going on a night out and want to get professionally glammed up for free; the Debenhams card is your best friend. Just show you're card and prepare to be pampered for zero pennies. There isn't even an obligation to make a purchase so don't fret about that either.

If you're splurging on beauty gifts at Christmas, then the Advantage Card will take pride of place in your wallet. Boots often run special Christmas points events where you can get huge points bonuses whilst getting your gifts. They're like their own gift to you. My points balance has never been so big after these events.

So there's my round up of the loyalty cards currently out there for all us beauty lovers. As with everything else, these are my personal opinions and you may benefit more from a different card. As always, I'd say there's no harm in having all three as you have plenty of options then..

What do you lovely ladies think about the current loyalty schemes... Generous enough? Do you feel that the benefit you or are they pointless?


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