Thoughts on a Thursday: Quick Tresemme Split Remedy Review

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Hello all, hope you're well and keeping warm!

Today I thought I'd use this series I guess to focus on an area which I've pretty much neglected on my blog: my current haircare routine.

Compared to most other people my hair routine is as basic as it gets. I just use a shampoo; conditioner and a hair mask. There are no styling tools, no sprays or oils.. Just those three. I think the reason my routine is so simple is because I don't use any heat on my hair and it has no specific needs. 

I really can't stress how good for your hair not using heat is. I rarely go to the hairdressers but when I do, they're always amazed at the condition of my hair. So that's my top tip for top notch hair.

So here we go...

My haircare routine & Quick Tresemme Review
At the moment I'm using Tresemme's Split Remedy range and the thing that impressed me the most is how little product I have to use. Every other shampoo/ conditioner combo I'd used before required me to use at least two handfuls of product to get the desired effect. With this range, one handful is more than enough which to me is amazing given how long my hair is.

So my routine is pretty simple, handful of shampoo and a handful of conditioner and I'm good to go.... 

Focusing more on the Tresemme products, I'd just like to say they are sort of impressive. I can't comment whether they truly 'mend' split ends BUT my hair feels and looks a lot smoother and sleeker after use. Bearing in mind that I don't straighten my hair it's nice because even if I did use heat, I wouldn't have to with this combination. The scents not too bad either, but I prefer more of a fruity scent so it's not my favourite. 

Price wise, I guess it's a tad on the expensive side for me. But it's not actually expensive in itself, it's because I tend to stick to Alberto Balsam and Timotei because they're super cheap and work for me. The Tresemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner cost £4.99 each but I managed to get them on offer (woo). I guess under £10 for them both isn't too bad as they do last a while but at the moment I've yet to see something so spectacular that they'll replace my cheaper options. 

Nice but for me, not worth the price. 

However, as always this is based on my personal experience so the results might be entirely different for you so I'd definitely recommend giving it a try to see if it works for you. If you are up for trying this range, they are currently on a 3 for 2 promotion at Boots so check them out!


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