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Hello, me again! Once more I've found the time to do a number of posts I've been planning to do so I'm just running with it today.

My project pan is long over but I've found lots of products I'd forgotten about whilst shopping my stash.

Whilst perusing my collection a few weeks ago I found a Revlon Photoready foundation in the shade 003 Shell. I'm very glad I found this one as I remember that it wasn't as purse friendly as most other drugstore foundations (£12.49 I do believe) and I'd barely used it. 

That said, I've come to remember why exactly it had gotten forgotten about - it's a pain to apply on my skin.

First Impressions

I was totally sucked in my the advertising and the hype around this product. But lets face it, who would turn down 'perfect airbrushed skin in any light'.... not me that's for sure. I'm going to discuss that claim first as that is by no means where it ends.

I don't know why my brain actually believed that claim to be honest. It set the bar so high that it was inevitable that I would be disappointed. And disappointed I was.

The first thing I will say, is that this foundation really did photo really well and my skin does look perfect in the pictures when I've worn it out. However, I absolutely dreaded someone getting too close to my face as it just wasn't as pretty as the picture.

I'd do the whole routine (cleanse; tone; moisturise and prime) and yet it still sat in my pores and just generally looked dreadful. My first thought was that it must be the primer, but I've used Benefits the Porefessional with all my other foundations and it's been perfect. 

It just wasn't meant to be. That said, I was certainly Photoready. Just not ready for anything else so it certainly lives up to its name I guess.

Claim two is that of complete coverage. Again, I didn't think it was a full coverage foundation; but it was buildable. If you were to apply a single layer I'd say it's light/medium coverage which doesn't always suit my skin as I sometimes need that bit more to even my skin tone out. On the days I do need the additional coverage I don't fancy the hassle of applying additional layers and trying to blend everything in. 

That said, there were things about this foundation that I actually did like. It has SPF 20 and is oil free which are two things I look for when I purchase a foundation. Secondly the shade range also meant that I found one which matches my pale Jane complexion perfectly, instead of having to compromise. Lastly, I actually quite like the packaging too. It has a nifty little pump top and is in a nice glass bottle.

My perfect match... ahhh.
Also if you look on the right you can see the orange of the Wake Me Up by Rimmel

Second Chance

In the spirit of rediscovering this in my stash, I decided to give it another proper road test to see whether I could make it work for me. After all, I thought it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good foundation. 

Unfortunately it still isn't for me I'm afraid. At the moment my redness is out of control and the paleness of the foundation is creating a horrid effect. When my redness isn't too bad, I can get away with wearing it, but at the moment it doesn't stand a chance. As a result I still genuinely fear people getting too close to my face and seeing my below par base. 

Formula wise, I'm not getting on with the glittery aspect as the recent winter sun makes me look very much like a certain popular vampire. I'm not a fan of this effect at all; the Rimmel Wake Me Up is far more subtle and wearable. Secondly it doesn't last over two hours on my face, even with primer. As I've said before, I'm a busy student so I haven't the time for touch ups and travelling with a whole on the go make-up kit is out of the question. Big thumbs down. 

On a brighter note, it still looks good in photographs so if you're going on a night out and want to look flawless then I would recommend it. But generally speaking, as an everyday foundation I don't think this is a suitable choice. 

I'd love to hear what your guys' take on the Revlon Photoready is... Am I missing something lovelies?


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