Superdrug Mud Therapy

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Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I'd share with you a product that I've totally fallen in love with. I love a good face mask but don't want to fork out a fortune so this beauty suits me down to the ground.

There are a few different masks available in the range including one for sensitive skin which I plan on trying once I've used mine up. The one I have is the deep cleansing one and it really is tough on buildup.

Packaging wise, they're actually quite nice. The deep cleansing one is in a deep lilac plastic tube with contrasting off white text. It's nothing too extravagant but it's a nice pop of colour on my bathroom shelf. Even better is that each of the different masks has corresponding packaging so there will be no shocks when you return home.

The main reasons I picked this up are a) I had used up my Boots Essentials one and b) I really wanted to try a different clay mask. For those of you who don't know, Clay is renowned for it's ability to absorb excess oils aswell as dirt and toxins in the skin so it really gives skin a thorough clean and gets  rid of all the nasties. 

Ingredients aside; its a thick browny- grey cream which glides on smoothly and feels lovely on the skin. Whilst it might not look pretty on, it works really well. Due to the texture of the product I like to apply the mask with one of the old school foundation brushes (streaks galore!) as it means I can get into all the nooks and crannys and don't waste as much slathering it on with my hands.

Once applied you'll  feel a tingling sensation. I know some people aren't keen on this, but if you can persevere do and you won't be disappointed.

This is where the magic begins to happen. I can honestly say I've never seen a mask do this before but with this one you can actually see the oil and dirt being pulled out of the pores. So you'll see black dots appearing on the ashy grey dry mask. It's amazing!

Excuse my face in the following images...

Look at the little black dots... Amazing. It's nice to actually see the oils being pulled to the surface.

These masks come in at under £2 for a 75ml tube which I think is a really good price. I know the Montagne Jeunesse ones can cost over £1 per mask so for a tonne of applications, you really can't beat Superdrug's range of masks.

As you can tell by this glowing review, I will most definitely be repurchasing it and will continue to do so until it's either discontinued or my skin freaks out. Like I said earlier, the best thing about this range is that there is a mask for every skin type so you might not wish to try the one I have, but I'd find one suited to your skin and give it a whirl. Hopefully you'll love the results just as much as I do.


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