Pre-Christmas Pamper

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Helloo and a happy Christmas Eve to you all!

In today's post I wanted to share with you my little pamper regime for before nights out. Tonight I'll be attending our local pub which has become a bit of a right of passage for everyone who went to the same High School/ 6th Form I did. It's the chance to see people you went to school with who you perhaps don't see any more so it's a nice event in that sense. However there is a lot of pressure to look your best and to be succeeding in life also. No easy feat.

So in order to look the part I'm engaging in an all day pamper fest accompanied by these lovelies...

I'm  a firm believer that baths are a critical component so relaxation so I'll be pouring Soap and Glory's Calm One Calm All into my tub for a delightful soak. It leaves skin super soft thanks to its moisturising formula and smells lovely too. 

While in the tub I like to apply a face mask and this Mud Therapy one is my current favourite. If you've seen my post of this you'll know I love it. It's worked wonders for my skin and is a treat to use.

After this it's time to shower and scrub for squeaky clean, flake free skin. My current shower gel is the Raspberry Ripple one which is now gone from the shelves and website... Sad face. It smells lovely and lathers well so if you're listening Body Shop.. I want to see this back before I run out of it!!

My scrub of choice at the moment is Soap and Glory's Flake Away which is abrasive without being harsh; smells amazing and rinses away easily so you aren't left with a grubby tub afterwards. I've been a fan of this for a good few years now but have just bought Sugar Crush so we'll see if it's still a fave after I try that. Otherwise I'd suggest everyone tries it.

The next part of my routine is one that some of you may not want to read about.. Foot care.. I do a lot of running and walking so my feet aren't pampered and perfect all the time so if I'm going out I like to make a bit of an effort. To get them party ready I use an Elegant Touch foot file and my holy grail Soap and Glory foot cream. These two combined leave me with feet so soft and smooth I don't ever want to walk on them again. 

The last bit is quite boring if I'm going to be honest. I buff and file my nails so they're prepped and ready for a mani/pedi if I have the time. 

All of this is the easy part... After this comes deciding what to wear.... Eek!

Do you think I've got all bases covered or am I missing some steps? I'd love to hear your party/ pamper routines!


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