Travalo: Update - Thumbs Down

by - 16:45:00

Hey all, hope you're well.

Today's post is going to be a tad different.

A while ago I posted about how impressed I was with the Travalo perfume atomisers I purchased and how I would suggest that every girl needs one.

Well I have changed my mind.

I still think they're great BUT I don't think they're all of equal quality. In total, I now own 5: 3 of which actually work properly.

One has a broken valve which means that it will no longer store perfume at all: it all just leaks everywhere. The other leaks from the spray top which is even more annoying because it has to be kept upright at all times - not ideal for on the go spritzing at all.

I'd just like to say that I've used them properly and have looked after them well so nothing I have done could have broken them.

I'm just really annoyed because they're two different types (one's basic and the other's and Xl) and I bought them on different occasions. I'd be more positive if it weren't a one off, but for it to be the way it is, is really annoying. 

So because I can't guarantee the quality of the product I would no longer recommend them. I wouldn't want to mislead people into thinking they're 100% brilliant all of the time when in fact they're not. So yes they are good, but they aren't perfect by any means.


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