Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

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Good afternoon all, I hope you're all well.

With Valentines day fast approaching I'm truly getting into the lovey dovey state of mind and with that in mind I bring you today's post.

The name 'Sweetie Pie' for me is synonymous with all things love so this shower jelly from Lush is truly in the spirit of Valentines day. First of all I will say that you can purchase this all year round so don't panic.

The product itself is really unique; I'd certainly never seen anything like it before. Like the name suggests, it's a jelly - like the kind you'd put with ice cream. I think the best thing about this product is however the scent. To me it smells like blackcurrant but sweeter, but according to Lush it's actually cherry and coconut. Regardless it smells good enough to eat. 

The good stuff doesn't stop there though... This shower jelly also has glitter... I will definitely agree with Lush that it is a 'party in a pot'. 

The tricky bit comes when you actually try to use this... After wasting a good few chunks I've found the best way to use it is to thoroughly wet a shower lily/puff; break off a small piece of the shower jelly and then massage the chunk into the shower lily until you get a lather. Once you've achieved this, hop into the shower and enjoy. 

I can't recommend this product enough. It's great for all kinds of occasions, but with Valentines day rolling around I think this would be a great gift to receive. 

You can find this at Lush stores and it costs a mere £3.10. 

Have any of you lovely lot tried any of Lush's shower jellies? How did you find them? If you haven't would you try them?


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  1. I love the lush shower jellies, but I do agree about them being difficult to use, I have also lost several chunks down the plug hole in the shower :(

    I will be sure to use your technique when I next use this product:)

    great post


    1. When she did a demo in the shop she made it look so easy but it took me forever to get the hang of.

      Also a bit gutted that from the sounds of it they're taking the glitter out =(.