Nails Inc St James - Manicure Monday

by - 16:05:00

Hello lovely people, hope you're all well!

To those of you who have exams I hope everything's going well. To those that don't... well lucky you!

When I'm bored of revision I find there's nothing better than changing my nail colour to provide a little pick me up. It doesn't take too long and allows me to indulge myself so it's a winner all round for me. 

Today has been one of those days. Inbetween evidence and medical I needed a bit of cheering up so I plucked for Nails Inc St James.

It's a really brilliant red shade with the teeny tiniest flecks of shimmer (which you can't really see unless you get really close up). If I had to say it was akin to something I would say it's very similar to Ferrari red.

It's vibrant, easy to apply and has lifted my mood. Here it is in all it's glory...

 So that's what I've got on my nails. What are you wearing on yours?


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  1. Manicure Monday...I like it! My nails are currently bare in prep for work tomorrow! Boo :( x

    1. It just thought it would give me a bit of structure! I've resolved to stick with it!

      That's definitely a downside to work! But at leat on the weekends you can be wild!

      I really want to get with the nail art trend! Have you tried any designs yourself? X