Sneak Peek - Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

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Good afternoon lovelies!

Today I've got a sneak peek of a brand new mascara for you, courtesy of the lovely people at Rimmel.

It's their new Lash Accelerator Endless mascara which has a grow lash complex (Keratin and Procapil and contains fibres which I'm guessing are meant to add length to the lashes. The tagline for this mascara is that it ensures lashes appear up to 99% longer. Who can resist a claim like that?

It's made quite a good first impression on me so far but I'm not sure it's something I would seek out in Boots.

The packaging doesn't really appeal to me for starters. I'm not a fan of the yellow chrome and black look to be honest, but for the price I guess you wouldn't really be paying for amazing packaging. 

Packaging aside it does have the type of brush I love so that's got me on side for definite. I don't know what it is but rubbery, spiky brushes are just right up my street.

So first impressions of the mascara itself are good. I'm going to give it a proper road test and give you an update soon!

UPDATE: I wore this mascara out last night and I have to say I'm not all that impressed to be honest. My lashes looked longer for about a second and then they all started to clump together - bearing in mind I only applied one coat. I was expecting long, fluttery lashes but that's not what I ended up with. On a better note, it didn't flake or smudge onto my eyelids so it gets points for that. I'm going to keep trying and see if I can get better results though, I refuse to give up on a product whose claims are so great.

The product is due to be released on the 20th February and will cost £7.99 I do believe.

So girls, are we excited for this one?


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