What's In My Bag...

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Afternoon all, are you well?

I've seen a number of these posts around and about so I thought I would add my contribution.

So the bag itself is from Topshop and I now understand that it is influenced by a handbag by Celine. It cost me around £50 which isn't too bad as the quality is really good.

1. Filofax - this has all my important dates and tickets inside so it's an essential.

2. Kirby grips - an essential - you never know when you might need one.

3. Impulse Tease Body Spray - I commute to Uni so this keeps me smelling fresh.

4. Boss Orange EDT - my current go to perfume. Girly and fresh.

5. Wallet - I got this from Oasis and it's really roomy inside. I can fit all my cards and cash inside securely.

6. Travel Passes - essential for getting me from A to B. 

7. Hand Gel - because public transport just isn't that clean.

8. Hairbrush - I have fine, long hair which tangles with ease so I need this to keep my hair looking silky.

9. Body Shop lip balm - smells amazing and keeps lips soft.. It's a handbag staple for sure.

10. Lush Charity Pot tin - a nice sample which I use to keep my hands soft.

11. Chocolate Bar - it's always nice to have something sweet in there. You never know when you might need a treat.

What's in your bag?


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  1. love your bag!! it looks very neat and tidy :) xx

    1. awh thank you! It has to be, I've got OCD when it comes to clutter!

      What are your handbag essentials?


  2. Love that bag! Mine is really similar lol, quite like a chanel one I like! May have to do one of these posts too, love reading them! I've got the same body shop lip balm but really didn't like it, boo :(

    Lauren :) xx

  3. Love this, thanks for posting!
    I have a similar bag post, have a look if you like!

    1. You're such a sweetie!

      Thank you for stopping by and following, you've made my day.. I'm on my way over to yours right now =)