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Good afternoon guys and gals, hope you're all well.

I've been going through my blog archives and I realised I haven't really updated you on what I wear make-up wise on a daily basis. It's all good and well telling you what I think of products, but the ones featured in this post keep me looking human so they're my heroes at the moment. 

So here goes..


Until recently I was convinced I had really bad skin so I used to go for full coverage and lots of concealer; all that has now changed. My skin is actually really good (I just have a few red spots around my t-zone) so I now prefer a more natural, fresher base. To achieve this I use...

E.L.F Mineral Infused Face primer - This provides me with the smoothest base for my foundation. It is very silicony so if you don't like that kind of texture stay away but I personally like it because it smoothes out my pores.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 115 Ivory - I'm going to do a full review of this soon but suffice to say I love it. My skin has never looked or felt better and I would never be without this foundation now. I highly recommend it. It evens out my skin perfectly and tones down the majority of the redness on my face, all while looking so natural. Big thumbs up.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer - I don't really need to say a lot about this. It's heavy duty and does the job for a tiny price. I use this on the areas where the foundation doesn't quite cover my redness enough (typically around my nose and my chin) and it completes the flawless no-makeup make-up look.

17 Shine Control Loose Powder - Powder isn't something I'm very good at using. I'm really wary of the powdery/ cake face but this is so finely milled that I never worry when I use it. It controls my shine for around 6 hours which is good because my t-zone is a total oil slick at the best of times. 

Soap and Glory Wizard of Flaws - I mix this with a little of the Collection concealer to brighten my under eyes. It works a treat and I love the look. I wouldn't use the concealer without this as it does look heavy and it sits in lines which isn't a good look. 


I like my eyes to look simple and natural so there's no eyeliner or fancy eye colours in my everyday routine. A slick of mascara and good brows and I'd be good. So here's what I use..

E.L.F Brightening Eye Colour in Blue Moon - I use the cream and brown shades for this palette so create a subtle eye look which makes my eyes pop a little.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara - If I've not got a long day I apply a few coats of this and I'm good to go. It lengthens nicely and makes my lashes look more luscious. 

Benefit They're Real - As the majority of my days are long ones, this is the mascara I go to. It lasts all day without smudging or flaking and makes my lashes look incredible. I can't say enough good things about it. It's everything a girl could want from a mascara and so much more.

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in Ash - I've used this product for ages. It's basically Brow-zings on a budget and I can't recommend this kit enough. It fills my brows in nicely and lasts all day. 


Because it's an everyday kit I don't go overboard on these I need something on my cheeks which will last all day and something for my lips which is really low maintenance. For this I rely on these two beauties...

Benefit Posie Tint - I previously didn't get on with this one, I used to find  it difficult to work with. But I got it out of the archives and have fell in love with it. It gives my cheeks a healthy pop of pink which lasts all day. What's not to love?

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie - This is a my lips but better shade for me. It keeps my lips hydrated and provides a nice amount of colour without being too much effort. I love it.

So that's what's on my face... What's on yours?


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