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Good afternoon lovelies.

Today's post is going to be quite different. I want to talk to you a bit about body image, in particular the modern obsession with resembling a skeleton.

Every once in a while I read an article which disgusts me deep down; that's the only way I can put it. Today it was this one

My weight has always been an issue for me, but there was a time when it was an issue I just didn't recognise myself. I suffered from an eating disorder for a number of years and at the time I thought I looked incredible but I wasn't happy. every time I ate something, no matter how small, I hated myself. So I just stopped eating eventually. 

Fast forward almost 8 years and I can't look at the old pictures of myself. Yes I was thin, but it certainly wasn't attractive. Seeing my 'thigh gap' now makes me sad, it's certainly not something I would want to show off or emphasise with tight jeans that's for sure. 

I understand that weight is really contentious because of media portrayals and the current 'obesity crisis' but I will never understand why individuals seek to be skin and bones.

At the bottom of the article were some truly horrific comments which really made me angry if I'm honest. They included... 

'You should look at tumblr model Felice Fawn. She has the biggest and best thigh gap I've ever seen!! She's what inspired me to get my bmi to 15'


'I love my thigh gap and show it off to the max in skinny jeans and knee high boots. I work hard to get so why not be proud? I wouldn't leave the house if I went over a size 6.'

To have a BMI of 15 indicates that an individual is severely underweight so how that is something to aspire to I will never know; especially knowing what I know now.

As for the latter comment, words fail me. If I ever met her I would give her a good shake that's for sure. Not leaving the house because you're a size 8, what a ridiculous sentiment. When I was ill I will admit that I held the same ridiculous beliefs but I can now honestly say that they're ridiculous. She states she works hard for her thigh gap but in all honesty I'm sure we all know what work goes into that and it's not at all healthy. 

Generally speaking I think people just need to have a long, hard think about the choices they're making. It is one thing to look 'good' and for that to make you feel 'happy' but how is your happiness affecting your health, especially in the long term?

Yes it might look appealing to have a slender figure but what if the consequences of having that are that you can't have children or you develop osteoporosis? Will it be worth it then?

Just a disclaimer here, I am aware that people come in all different shapes and sizes so if you're naturally slim then embrace that, but people shouldn't put their health at risk to fit into a dress. There's more to life than how you look.

As for what you see in the glossy magazines and plastered on billboards... don't buy into everything you see. We're all aware of the magic of photoshop. 

Reading articles like this really infuriates me. The more dimwits like the Daily Fail pick up on such 'trends' the more publicity they're giving them. By raising the profile of things like the thigh gap trend they're only adding fuel to the fire. I will rejoice when campaigns such as Dove's become more commonplace. Embracing all women might be a clever bit of marketing but it does send out an important message I feel. 

I think the worst bit of the article is in the title as if effectively describes being super skinny as a 'look'. I'm not sure that's the term I'd ascribe to it; more akin to an illness really. I'm not naive enough to think that people will one day think being skinny isn't something to aspire to but the momentum it has gained recently really disturbs me. 

I was recently exposed to some 'thinspo' tumblr pages which really did shock me. For those of you who aren't familiar, they are pages full of pictures of underweight women/ girls which have been put there to inspire others to become just as thin. Whilst it's great to have role models and something to aspire to, I don't think these pages are the right answer. Some of the images are shocking, a quick google and you'll see. I think the worst were the slogans if I'm honest. They included 'think before you eat'  and 'everytime you say no to food, you say yes to thin'. What a message to send out. I fully accept that you can't binge everyday and expect to remain at a healthy weight, but a little of everything in moderation has never harmed anyone. You can most certainly eat, just eat healthily. Starvation is not something that should every be allowed to be promoted on such sites in my opinion.

I'm now fully recovered and I have finally realised that being thin is not the be all and end all. You could be the skinniest person alive but also the most miserable too as I once was. I've accepted myself for who I am and what I look like and I've never been happier.

Health = Happiness lovelies.

I'm aware that this post is up there in the highly personal category but I just had to have my say. Also, these are my personal experiences and opinions and there is no offence meant by them, just the way I feel so no hate please. 

As this is such a topical issue I would be really keen to get all of your thoughts and opinions on this particular subject area. 


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