Nail Polish Haul: Barry M and Rimmel

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Hey y'all!

I'm back (well for now anyways!)!! Sorry I've been such a bad blogger recently; the rest of my life caught up with me so I had to put posting on the back burner. But I'm back and I have a little haul for you.

I know I'm on a project pan at the moment but my nail polish collection is in check (I have very few) so I thought I would treat myself to some nail goodies. 

My nails have been a big bug bear of mine for a while now. While I like the look of them when they are painted, I have an overwhelming urge to pick the polish off pretty much as soon as its dry. If I manage a day with my nail polish intact its a big success. 

Being 21 now, I figured it was time to well and truly kick this habit and I think my recent purchases may have cracked it. I'm proud to tell you all that my current nail polish has been on my nails since Thursday and it's now Sunday... Huzzah!!

So to what do I owe this success... well here's what I got.

I invested in a new base and top coat and these come courtesy of Rimmel. Their Lycra Pro range is currently two for £6 in Boots so I picked up their Stronger: Double Duty base coat which promises to strengthen and protect and the 5 in 1 base and top coat which I'll be using solely as a top coat unless I'm travelling. 

The two typically retail for £4.59 each so this is a good deal I think. You can find the 5 in 1 here and the base coat here  (apologies for this link not being Boots, it's not listed on their online site). 

To go with my snazzy new nail care routine I had to pick up a few new polishes... after all, it would be rude not to.

Step in the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints

I'm going to be really blunt now, prior to these polishes I'd never really been a fan of Barry M. The brand as a whole just didn't appeal to me at all and the products seemed to be aimed at a younger audience (dazzle dusts anyone?). My mind hasn't been changed completely but I am now more open to them as I'm really loving these polishes. 

They're being raved about left, right and centre on blogs but I just have to say they are worth every bit of hype they receive. The colour range appeals to me and the results are just fantastic. It's true what they say, there really is no need for a topcoat in terms of shine. They are so pigmented and glossy that the whole applying process is effortless. My nails have never looked better in fact.

Boots currently have an offer on where you save £1 if you buy any 2 Barry M polishes so I of course took advantage of this and got four (RRP for these bad boys is £3.99 so they're very budget friendly). The saving isn't that great but it's £2 in my pocket so I'm not going to complain.

The first shade I picked up was of course Lychee. It's a gorgeous nude colour and I bought it purely to wear with a pale pink dress I bought for a 21st on Friday. It fits well with the understated look I'm going for so I'm one happy customer. 

The other three were rather impulsive picks but I think they're gorgeous colours. The first is Blueberry which is a pastel blue but I'd describe it as cornflower blue. It's lovely in the bottle and I can't wait to try it on my nails. 

The shade I'm currently sporting is Dragon Fruit which is a really girly pastel-ish pink. Of the four I bought I wasn't overly keen on this one but I didn't want any of the darker shades so I was obliged to pick this one up. Well I've done a 180 and now love this. It's girly without being garish. My other half gives this shade a big thumbs up too so it's a winner.

Last but not least is Grapefruit which is going to be my spring/summer pick for sure. It's a hot pink which is borderline neon. What's not to love. Again I can't wait to try this and I think I may incorporate it into my pedicure for Fridays party. 

I was a little naughty this morning and ordered Prickly Pear from ASOS so I will update this when I receive that. BUT I practically got it for free so it's all good. How I hear you ask... Well Boots have this thing called Treat Street where you can earn advantage card points on your online purchases with certain retailers. At the moment if you use the code welcome500 you get £5 worth of advantage card points with your first purchase (must be over £1) so there's free money to be had guys.

So there's my little haul guys. Are you guys lusting after or loving these offerings from Barry M? Drop me a comment and let me know!


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  1. I LOVE these Barry M polishes! I currently have 5 of them in the colours Watermelon, Blueberry, Prickly Pear, Greenberry and Papaya and I want so many more of them.. Lychee is at the top of my wishlist at the moment! great post :)


    1. Helloo lovely! How have you been? Haha I partly blame these purchases on you. I saw the Gelly Hi-Shine's in one of your posts and they've been in the back of my mind ever since and now it's safe to say I'm a little addicted. I kinda wish the whole Barry M Nail Paint range was in this formula lol.

      Lychee must be really popular because I had to really search the Boots' in my local area to track one down! It is so pretty though.


    2. I'm good thankyou, quite tired as I'm now working 6 days a week but I'm having a blog focused day today getting some posts drafted up so I can publish them throughout the week when I'm busy :) how have you been?

      haha yeah I have mentioned them a few times, I'm actually planning a post all about them at the moment, the formula is amazing! just to let you know, if you ever want to chat a bit more you can always email me at, just thought that may be easier than doing it through the comments :)