O.P.I Haul

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Hey guys, hope you're all well.

Today I just thought I'd share with you a little Fragrance Direct order I made this past week. I'm a big fan of O.P.I  but I'm not a fan of the price tag that's attached  to them. If I really love a shade I may be willing to part with the cash, but this is rarely the case so I always look for a bargain. For those of you that aren't familiar with Fragrance Direct, their site is full of such bargains. I purchased each of these O.P.I polishes for £3.99 which is amazing. On top of this, I also received 5% cashback making them even cheaper. What's not to love?

The polishes are mainly from the Touring America, Holland, Espana and 25th Anniversary Collections so they aren't new as such but they're still nice to have. 

The colours I chose encompass a variety of finishes and shades and it's fair to say my polish collection in general now comprehensively covers all bases. 

So without further ado here's what I picked up...

So there are my little purchases. As the weeks pass I'll be featuring different shades as part of my Manicure Monday series so check back for those!

I'd love to know what you guys have been adding to your baskets of late? Have any of you succumbed to any of the goodies Fragrance Direct have to offer?


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