Bourjois Colour Boost: The New Obsession

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Good afternoon guys and gals! Hope you're all well and having a lovely week. 

Today I've got a little bit of a product rave for you. Lip crayons have been flooding the market in recent months but I've never been totally bowled over by them until now. Revlon's offering was enough to whet my appetite but after the initial fascination, they entered my make-up archives and haven't really surfaced since. Bad I know, but they are basic compared to my latest find. 

Bourjois are the latest brand to join the lip crayon bandwagon but I would have to say the wait has been more than worth it. Do they stain? Yes, in fact they are waterproof. Do they contain SPF? Incredibly yes, SPF 15. This is one of the best reasons to choose these over their rivals. I know SPF isn't something you'd normally look for with a lip product but you really should as the skin on the lips is more delicate so needs that bit of TLC. Last, but by no means least are they moisturising? Incredibly. My lips feel so smooth and soft when I use these (unlike the Revlon ones which were so drying and uncomfortable). 

For all the reasons above these beauties are absolute winners in my eyes. I think the only gripe you could possibly have is the limited shade selection when compared with rivals. That said, I do think the available shades suit the summer season perfectly so there's no reason to grumble. Who wants to wear berry's and plums when the sun's beaming down eh?

The two shades I have are Orange Punch and Red Passion and I love them both. Orange Punch is the perfect coral when combined with my natural lip colour so this has been my go to shade these past few warm, sunny days. They're just perfect and I will be popping them into my suitcase when I go away this September.

So there's my latest make-up crush. You can pick them up at the usual places (Boots/Superdrug) for a very reasonable £7.99. 

I'd love to know what you guys think of these! Are we over lip crayons or are they still top of your shopping list?


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