Clinique All About Eyes: The Review

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Good evening guys, hope you're all well. 

I realised today that I'd never shared with you my thoughts on one of my all time favourite products - Clinique's All About Eyes. This eye cream has been my go to for a number of years now so I can't believe I've never gone into detail about it. Well here's my review finally..

As you can see the packaging is that which is synonymous with Clinique as a brand. It's to the point, sleek and practical. I think the one thing I'm not fond of is that it's a pot so you have to stick your fingers in every time you use it. I don't have dirty hands by any means and I always use hand sanitiser before I dig in but still, it's not the most hygenic packaging.

With reference to the product there's little I can fault Clinique on. It really sorts my eyes out when I've had a late night or they just need a little pick me up in the morning. In terms of consistency it's a nice middle-ground cream. Not too thick that it takes a million years to absorb and not too thin that you can barely notice you've used it. 

As the price tag is a tad on the hefty side for most people I will tell you that using this long term has turned my under eyes around (and the pot does last a good few months too). I used to look like I had two black eyes and they were just very sorry looking if I'm honest. This is pretty much a thing of the past now and I have to use a minimal amount of concealer to get them looking their best which is great.  I think the main issue with this particular eye cream is that it doesn't have any anti-aging benefits so if you have fine lines or wrinkles I wouldn't have thought this would be the one for you. Also it doesn't contain SPF which really bugs me for some reason. I've been struggling with this a lot lately actually so if you guys know of an eye cream with a good SPF  please comment and let me know!

That said it's otherwise a really lovely cream and I really recommend it for those not looking for an anti-ageing eye cream. 

I'd love to know if any of you guys love this one too? If not, what's your go to eye cream?


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