Yves Saint Laurent: Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation - First Impressions.

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Good afternoon guys, hope you're all well. 

I posted a while back about the sample I received of the touche eclat foundation and I've just got a general update for you and a first impressions sort of post. I say first impressions as I have now been out and purchased the full size in a more appropriate shade for my skin tone. I've got a little rant about being foundation matched that I feel I should share actually because dealing with the ladies at the YSL counter wasn't particularly pleasant if I'm honest.

First of all how on earth do they get their job? It took two hours to pick a shade but only because I wasn't satisfied. She whacked on a shade which was obviously too dark and proclaimed it looks amazing and was a perfect match... Err really? It looked absolutely dreadful and was so obviously not my skin tone yet she would have been willing to sell it to me. What on earth?!? I wish that had been the end of it but when I finally decided on  a shade I was happy with she insisted on doing a full face application to make sure i was sure of my choice.

Fatal error. My foundation has never looked more cakey and streaky in my entire make-up wearing life. I told her the reason I chose the YSL foundation in the first place was because I wanted lighter coverage and a more natural/ fresh look but in spite of this she piled it on. It looked more mask-like than any amount of Doublewear could achieve let me tell you. Dreadful. Th brush she used was also quite disgusting. It shed on my face like nobodies business and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in quite some time - gross. Suffice to say I wouldn't recommend them for a make-over.

After this she proceeded to pick apart my skincare routine and my eye make-up look - cleverly suggesting YSL alternatives. This is all good and well but you've just met me so have no idea of my skincare history and why i use what I do so please give it a rest. I also disliked the condescending tone she took, treating me as if I knew absolutely nothing. I know you're supposed to help and all but I'm well aware of how a serum works as I've been using one for quite some time now. Thanks but no thanks as far as the lesson is concerned. 

So yeah, not the greatest experience i've ever had with a premium beauty counter. However I'm sure this issue is branch specific so I wouldn't ward you off going to their other counters as I'm sure they do have fabulous employees in some areas. 

Rant over and now onto the foundation itself.

The packaging is really stand out on it's own. It's the most elegant foundation bottle I think I have ever seen. Heavy glass topped with a gold YSL embossed lid. Doesn't get much better than that I don't think. 

As I mentioned previously I received a sample when it first came out. Although the sample was a tad too dark on my skin, i really loved the finish. It's by no means full coverage but it evens out my skintone and subtly illuminates which is why i love it. I particularly love how it doesn't use shimmer to get that illuminated look - Revlon Photoready I'm looking at you! For the summer I can't think of a more perfect base product. 

I do however think people who are prone to breakouts or acne will not particularly enjoy this one. The coverage just isn't there so you would have to use concealer to fix what the foundation doesn't. If you don't mind that then I would recommend it for sure. 

In terms of the actual product I think a big plus is the formula. It has a gel consistency which means you have to use the teeniest amount of product to do a full face which is great considering the price. 

It's light weight, sublimely packaged and every inch the perfect base. Ladies and gents please check this one out. In the words of Gary Barlow, it's 'absolutely fantastic'. 

Rather than doing swatches, I'm going to incorporate this into a daily make-up post which will be up in the very near future. Swatches just don't do this bad boy justice.

I know I'm loving this one, but what about you guys? Have you tried or are dying to try this foundation? 


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