Bag a Beauty Bargain: Nars

by - 18:57:00

I've just been browsing the ASOS website and spotted the At First Sight Palette for a rather good price. It retails for £45 officially but for some reason or another it's listed as £32 on ASOS. Bargain.

For all you students out there, you can also get 10% off using Unidays making it £28.80. Lovely...


Deep Throat blush

Laguna Bronzer 

Eyeshadow top row - All About Eve and Nouveau Monde.

Eyeshadow bottom row - Bellissima and Cordura. 

I think it's the perfect palette for fall and it's on my wishlist for sure.


(Yes I said my focus was on budget beauty but I think this is a good deal for what you get)

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  1. Wow! If only I had the money at the mo! Good deal, well spotted ;) x

    1. I thought so too! And ditto... Was only window shopping :-( x