Estée Lauder ANR II: The Miracle Serum?

by - 13:43:00

The original is practically a cult product, so it should be of no surprise that I jumped at the chance to purchase the revamped formula for a steal onboard my recent flight. 

I'm not going to bore you with all the sciency stuff as I'm not in a position to comment on any of the claims/ ingredients and the likes. I will however share with you my experience AKA in lamens terms does it do anything?

In short yes, but I wouldn't expect miracles overnight. I've been using three drops every night for roughly five weeks and here's what I've noticed...

1) My skin appears to be more hydrated. As a result of this, the oiliness of my skin has subsided a little and I no longer need to worry about midday touch ups. 

2) I'm now the proud owner of a more radiant complexion. Prior to adding this to my routine, my skin was really dull and lacklustre. Now it's brighter and my redness has eased off. I now feel more confident stepping out without a base on.

3) My skins the softest and clearest it's been in a long while. Baby soft with not a hint of a spot in sight. I've been particularly struggling with breakouts recently so this has been the most fantastic result so far. 

Thus far, it appears to be doing quite miraculous things to my skin but as always the real effects will come a few months down the line so check in for updates. 

For those debating  whether to purchase ANR because of the cost I would definitely recommend trying to get hold of a small sample, even if just to check for any adverse reactions as I know it is an investment purchase for many (myself included). That being said, I can see my 50ml bottle lasting quite a while. I'm over five weeks in now and I've yet to make a dent in the bottle so on a month by month basis it probably works out to be quite economical. 

So that's my take. What's yours? Worth it, or a waste of money?


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