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2013 for me was the year of downsizing. It was also a year of discovery and it would appear I found some great beauty bits as only new loves made it into my 2013 favourites. 

Last year was definitely a good year for high end foundations. I'd always stuck to drugstore brands previously but I'd never been truly happy with the results. With my graduation looming I sought solace in the Beauty Hall and came out with two fantastic foundations.

Prior to my consultations I was always convinced that my skin was terrible. I do have a hint of redness on my cheeks and my nose but I'm otherwise blemish free. In my bid to conceal this redness I'd always sought out a more high coverage base which I now know that I don't need. 

When I told the YSL consultant I owned and used Double Wear she was visibly shocked and was surprised I had been recommended it. 

Needless to say that the lighter coverage offered by the Touche Eclat and the Vitalumiere Aqua foundations suits my actual needs down to a tee. They're my skin but better and they always go on flawlessly. I'm obsessed to say the least. Yes they are pricey but I've had them since June and they're still going strong. One pump really is all you need. 

Find the Chanel here and the YSL here 

Skincare wise there have only been two products that have blown me away this past year. My beloved Botanics Skin Relief Serum and Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. 

The relief serum has really helped ease the irritation I get after cleansing so I am able to use lighter coverage foundations and no concealer. My redness isn't as striking as it used to be and my skin is softer to boot. This product is a total winner and I'm surprised more people haven't tried it. 

The Advanced Night Repair, where do I begin? It's been spoken about by anyone and everyone and I finally caved on a flight this year. Needless to say it is perhaps my best impulse purchase to date. I wake up glowing. I don't know what all the magical ingredients are supposed to do but my skin has never looked better. I wouldn't say it's a miracle worker but it does something to my skin and I like the effect. 

Needless to say, both of these beauties will be in my stash for the foreseeable future. 

Find the Botanics here and the Advanced Night Repair here

Lip crayons have been a big thing this year. Pretty much every brand has released their own take on them but I think Bourjois have hit the nail on the head. Their crayons are moisturising, have SPF and provide waterproof colour. What more could a girl want? I'd been put off crayons after having my lips dried out by the Revlon version but I'm so glad I gave these a chance. I have my eye on Peach on the Beach so I've no doubt my love for these will go on well into this year. 

As I have just mentioned, dry lips have been a problem of mine this year. They've been cracking and flaking like crazy and I've tried just about everything to combat this. I've used the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser before and it was good then and I'm pleased to say that it's still good now. This has put my lips well on the road to recovery and I couldn't be more thrilled. I think my only grip is that it isn't something you can really use during the day (unless you're not leaving the house) due to it's thick, white consistency. 

Find the Bourjois Colour Boost Crayons here and the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser here

These next two are sort of miscellaneous I guess. Maybelline's gel eyeliner was a revelation for me I'll admit. I've dabbled with the old winged liner here or there but I've never found a product that's easy to apply and stays put. This does both of those things. I was really surprised that such a cheap liner can do such an amazing job. It's a hero product for me and I'll never stray from it. Long live long-lasting liner.

OPI's Steady As She Rose was an impulse purchase late on in the year but I've been head over heels ever since. For my skin tone I feel it's the perfect nude nail for me. It's a lovely pinky, pale grey shade and I love it. I'm almost tempted to buy a back up as I'm aware it's not a shade in their permanent line up. 

Find the Maybelline liner here and OPI Steady as she Rose here

So those are my top products of 2013, what are yours? Drop me a comment or leave me a link to your post.


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  1. The Maybelline Liner completely didn't work for me I was really disappointed with it :-(, same with the blistex! Love the Lip Crayons but have only tried the Revlon ones! Got Some Clinique Chubby Sticks for xmas thought, yet to try them! x

    1. No way! You need to try the Bourjois ones they're the business! Rep review please, I've fancied them for a while but they're so pricey! Xx