Christmas Sales Haul 2013 (Belated)

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Christmas is a time for giving... but after Christmas are the sales... That's the time to give to yourself.

I always save a bit of money every year especially for these sales as there are generally great bargains to be had and it's a great opportunity to try new things without breaking the bank. 

Debenhams, Boots and Lush are the three stores I hit up every year and I've never been disappointed. So without further ado here's what I got this year...

Philosophy's The Care Package is a gift I had on my wishlist but changed my mind at the last minute. I've always wanted to try Purity and Hope In A Jar but the negative reviews regarding  the ingredients always put me off a little. This should have been £80 but I snagged it for a meager £40 which is a great deal. Hope In A Jar by itself retails for £34 so to get all the extras for £6 is great. I figure that if they don't work for me then it's not too much of a loss but if they do work then it's an absolute bargain. 

Fragrance gift sets are always a huge part of my sales hauls because they go to half price which makes them a steal considering the gift sets generally cost as much as the bottle by itself. This set cost me £18 and I'm pleased to say I love the scent. It's fabulously girly and will be great for the spring/ summer months. It also doesn't hurt that the packaging is beautiful. I can't wait to display it on my dresser.

Bejeweled is the newest scent from Vera Wang I do believe so I seized the opportunity to try it for the meager price of £18. Again I have to say I really enjoy this scent too. It's a bit more grown up than Princess I would say and is more fresh too. Definitely another for spring/summer. I will however say that I am not a fan of the bottle. It looks really cheap and garish but fortunately you can remove the bling.

Flash is a favourite of mine as anyone would tell you. I was never big on white florals until this entered my life. It's glamorous, sensual and feminine. Every time I wear it I get compliments and it makes me walk tall. I love Jimmy Choo fragrances in general but this is just heavenly. These were a latecomer to the sales but I managed to snap one up for £25 so I was made up. 

This Victoria's Secret fragrance sampler set is perhaps my favourite find of the sales. VS is new to the UK and I've always wanted to try their fragrances. The prices however are somewhat extortionate; they generally retail for the same as designer fragrances. I thought this set would be a nice way to sample all their scents but at £41 it too was a tad on the pricey side. Luckily for me I was in VS  shopping for loungewear when I noticed an assistant with an armful of them to put on display in the sales area. They were £20 a few days before but the box was a bit battered so I never picked it up so I took the opportunity and relieved her of one. Imagine my surprise when I see the sticker now says £10. I'll be honest, I grabbed another one. The bottles are glass miniatures and they come complete with spray tops - hallelujah. I don't know anyone that's a fan of those vials that spill everywhere! These will definitely be accompanying me on my travels this year.

These next two were cheeky purchases courtesy of my Boots Advantage card points. The One is a scent I've always sampled and loved but never purchased. I just never needed it, nor could I justify it. But when you've got points and it's half price it would be rude not too. With a few clicks it was mine and I've never looked back. It's divine and the packaging is just so beautiful too. It's definitely a gift I would love to give or to receive.

This Daisy set is a little gift for my mum. She adores the scent but will never buy it for herself due to the price. I bought her the EDP for Christmas so I figured she would enjoy this lighter interpretation in the summer months. And again when you've got Advantage Card points burning a hole in your pocket and a great deal in front of you, you just have to seize it. I'm hoping she'll love it.

I saved the best for last I think. It wouldn't be sales shopping if it didn't include some goodies from Lush. They only do 50% off once a year so I always make sure to pick up a few bits to tide me over. I used to really enjoy Lush baths but the cost started to bother me and I went back to good old Radox. Step in half off and I'm back on the Lush bandwagon (for a month or two anyways). As you can see, I stocked up on my beloved Snow Fairy (can't be without that) as well as an assortment of Christmas themed bubble bars, bath ballistics, bath melts and lip scrubs. There's only one things I regret about this haul and that's not getting more Star Light Star Bright bath melts. I wish I knew how fabulous they were before I'd placed my order... Hey ho... 

Well that's it until next year for sales guys... I'd love to know what you guys snapped up in the sales so feel free to leave me links and comments below!


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  1. Wow a lot of perfume! I didn't do much sales shopping this year...not much to be had in lancaster! Love all the lush stuff! I don't tend to buy it myself anymore as it's too expensive, but got it as gifts from people this year so hopefully it will keep me going a while! :-) x