Shopping On A Saturday - Mini Haul

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Getting paid is the highlight of most peoples month and I am no exception. With my hard earned cash burning a hole in my pocket I hit the shops and came home somewhat disappointed. 

I had a few items I wanted to pick up and a few I'd spied on the internet but it just all fell to pot. I don't know what it is but when I have money to spend my items aren't in stock and I don't fall in love with anything else. Sigh. 

Here is what I did pick up though...

I've had my sights set on a illuminating primer for a while now. My Revlon one is on it's last legs so I've been working long and hard to pick its replacement. Step in Laura Mercier.

In terms of value for money I think you can't beat these. You get a whopping 50ml for £28. This sounds expensive but I was shocked to see that Bourjois primers cost £10.99 and only contain 15ml. 

I swatched it on my hand and fell in love. It's a golden shimmery formula that fades to almost nothing but really brightens your complexion and for once it doesn't have that silicon feeling.

For those of you wondering I picked this up at Space.NK and I thought I would do a mini review of the experience as I usually just shop their website. It was a mixed bag I'll be honest. I came in for a primer but instead of focusing on that she kept trying to offload moisturisers on to me. I think I need to learn to be more assertive. Either way she was pleasant and I eventually got out with my perfectly planned purchase.

It wouldn't be a shopping trip without a sneaky look at the cosmetics stands in Boots. I've not been that impressed lately so I haven't really purchased many drugstore items but I picked up three today. Two new Barry M Jelly polishes and Seventeens new Phwoarr Paint under eye concealer. The polishes I know I will love so I'm excited to try out the concealer which promises to be heavy duty. 

This last on is the rarest of purchases in my opinion... a Primark one. I used to have a lot of love for Primark back in the day but I never find anything anymore so I rarely go in. I stopped in and I'll admit I was disappointed as usual but I did find this lovely coral snood. It's super soft and only cost £3 so things may be on the up between me and Primark.

And that's all she wrote guys...

Feel free to leave me links and comments of your hauls this month. I love a nosey.


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