The Pick Me Ups.

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It's that time of the year again... viruses creeping up on everyone it would seem. I'm currently writing from my bed whilst feeling very sorry for myself.

But that's not to say I'm wasting away the golden opportunities provided by sick days. 
I'm very rarely ill but I have a tried and tested routine which provides instant relief from the woes of illness... Starting with a mug full of hot chocolate.

I don't know anyone that doesn't feel better after a hot chocolate. It's soothing, sweet and delicious. Needless to say many of these have been consumed and they're working a treat.

You can enjoy said delicious hot beverage any place you like but my preferred spot is the tub. A bath brimming with heavenly scented bubbles is just what the Dr ordered and it's made even better by catching up on TV on my laptop. In terms of what to watch it has to be anything Real Housewives or Vanderpump rules (everyone's guilty of watching trash TV... don't try and deny it) I'm a sucker for real life drama and these two really bring it. 

So now we're settled in it's time to pamper... Face masks at the ready. I'm really loving the Dirty Works brightening mask at the moment. It's got exfoliating beads in it and smells lovely. I've never used anything by the brand before so took a punt that thankfully paid off. I'd highly recommend this mask and I'm pleased to say it really does work. It gives that lit from within look without the need for make-up. Happy days. 

Post bath it's time to get snug, so hop into bed and pile on the blankets - but not before whacking on a box set that is. Breaking Bad has been my pick of the bunch and I was lucky to enough to receive the complete set for Christmas...

So, the TV's on and you're clean and warm.. what next? It's really up to you but I'm a big fan of painting my nails a bright colour. I don't know if there's anything scientific behind it but bright colours really boost my mood. Anyone else find that? 

With all these steps ticked off it's finally time for bed... (not before washing my face of course) and here's to feeling better the day after. 

This is my feel better routine, feel free to drop me comments and link to yours.


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  1. Awh, shame you're not feeling well - once you've got that hot chocolate and a few seasons of breaking bad down you'll feel much better I'm sure! I did a similar post to this after Christmas when I realised we'd run out of turkey!

    Feel better!

    Katy xx

    1. Awh thank you lovely. Nothing beats Breaking Bad in bed... with a bit of cheeky blogging that is.

      Off to check yours out now.

      Kirstie xx