Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shine: My Morning Routine

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Daily rituals, we all have them and they're all different. The new year has begun but I'm sticking with the old for once. Here's a glimpse inside a typical morning for me.

I can't even begin to fathom life without a slice of toast and a good cup of coffee. When all else fails this is what I turn to. It's nice to have varied breakfasts but sometimes you just can't be bothered to cook (me, most of the time) and this combo fills the gap nicely. Mmm.

I don't know about you but I always feel more normal after I've ate in the morning. Prior to that point I'm more or less zombie-fied and in a groggy world of my own. 

Full and content I now turn to my favourite part of my morning - skincare. I don't know about you but I really look forward to washing my face every day and night. Clean skin is my thing it would seem. 

At the moment I've been using Clinique's Mild Liquid Facial Soap alongside my Clarisonic. Clinique fell out of my favour a while ago but I gave it another shot and touch wood this hasn't dried me out just yet. It's a simple, non-irritating cleanser and it does the job.

 After cleansing I can sometimes have a lot of redness so I use Simple's soothing toner to alleviate this slightly. It's cheap as chips, lasts ages and most importantly does what I need it to do. 

As well as the toner, I also rely on the Botanics Skin Relief Serum Ultra Calm. I've posted about this before and the love affair is still very much on the go. It's the perfect product for irritated skin. My redness subsides and my skin feels so soft afterwards. It's a miracle product for me and I can't imagine not having it in my stash.

For eyes I've taken to using Origins GinZing eye cream. I bought this a while ago and was never a fan of the shimmer but as of late I've not minded it so much. Providing you don't use too much it subtly brightens the under-eye area and helps cancel out any blue/purple tones. It also has a delightful cooling sensation which works a treat on puffy eyes. 

Last but not least is the Good Things Miracle Mattifier. I purchased this moisturiser a good while ago now and it's still going. It smells delicious, is free of any nasties and keeps shine at bay effectively. Oh and did I mention it's cheap too. The entire Good Things range is a winner for me and I would encourage anyone to go check it out. 

Clean and content it's now time for make-up. Check back for my current go-to make-up look tomorrow.

In the meantime feel free to send me links and comments about your morning routine.


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