What I Got For Christmas 2013 - Beauty Edition (Belated)

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Hello loves, I'm finally back. And back for good this time. Here's to getting back on track *clink*.

I've read quite a few of these posts so I thought it would only be fair that I share with you all the lovely gifts Santa brought me this year.

First up are two MAC lipsticks in the shades Vegas Volt and Creme Cup. I love them. Creme Cup isn't my usual shade and I'm still not sure whether it suits me but Vegas Volt is fab. Can't really go wrong with anything from MAC.

Soleil Tan De Chanel. The blogger fave. I was thrilled to receive this but I'm on the fence as to how I feel about it. It looks lovely when first applied but it disappears on me so quickly even when I use my Urban Decay Setting Spray.

Look at this beauty. I'd had my eye on this palette for a while and was terrified it would sell out so I sneakily used some of my gift vouchers to make sure this bad boy was under my tree. I wasn't sure if I would use all the colours in this but lo and behold they're all surprisingly wearable - even the pinks. I'd grab this while you can as it is limited edition. 

My first Chanel perfume! My mum knew I'd had my eye on this for a while so imagine my surprise when I opened this. It's the perfect girly but grown up scent and I adore it. If you've ever smelt what used to be Miss Dior Cherie I'd say this scent is reminiscent of that. I've a feeling this one I will be repurchasing for years to come. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without the Naked 3 palette would it. My hints and notes paid off and this became mine. It's so pretty and the shades are perfect. Urban Decay really can do no wrong when it comes to neutrals. I've an urge to complete my collection now. 

I've read so much about this that I couldn't not put it on my list. A whole palette of matte, neutral shades sounds like the dream but I'm underwhelmed. Everyone raves about how versatile this palette is but I don't think I could ever rely on just this one. Used in conjunction with my other Naked palettes it's a dream but on it's own I become a bit stumped with this one. Links to tutorials and the likes are more than welcome so feel free to prove me wrong on this one.

The boyfriend surprised me with this one, so kudos to him. It became the must have item in November and thankfully he had pre-ordered it at SpaceNK so I was guaranteed mine. I've not really played with this one much yet but it looks lovely and the reviews are great so I doubt I'll be disappointed. 

Just a side note - I am aware of the controversy surrounding the muse for this collection. I in no way condone violence against women or the depiction of violence against women. 

This blush is a bit of a beaut huh? I've read so much about this product that it was hard not to include it on my list. It adjusts to your skin to produce the perfect blush shade for you. It's wonderful what can I say. At first I thought it was going to be a bit of a gimmick but it actually does work. On my skin it changes to a lovely rosy peach shade that makes me look fresh and peachy. Can't rave enough it's just amazing. 

This was another kind gift off my other half. I bought the summer edition of Angel this past year and fell in love with it so he kindly treated me to the gift set for Christmas. It's the ultimate gourmand fragrance and I will never understand those people that don't like it. A big plus about this is that the bottle is refillable so I can take my bottle to participating stores and have it refilled for a fraction of the cost of a new bottle. Score.

It wouldn't be Christmas without Snow Fairy now would it and my boyfriend finally remembered. The sickly sweet candy scent has long been a favourite of mine so I always make sure to stock up when the holidays roll around. Surprisingly my favourite out of this scent was actually the Star Light Star Bright bath melt. It was as close to an out of body experience as you can get in the bath. It smelt divine, left my skin super soft and my bath looked the most calming shade of blue. Ugh divine. I wish I'd bought more in the sale, but more to come about that. 

Last but not least is perhaps the most exciting gift I received this year. The Clarisonic has been babbled about by many a beauty guru but I'd never bought into it. But then I got to thinking. I used a sonic toothbrush to clean my teeth so why wouldn't I afford that same luxury to my skin. With that established this gem became my gift to myself. It hurt to hand over the cash don't get me wrong but I've been using it for two weeks and my skin has never looked better. I almost regret waiting for so long on this one. Keep checking back for updates though as I'm aware there's a gnarly purging phase! Eek!

So that's what I got for Christmas this year. Feel free to leave links to your Christmas posts too I'd love a nosey.


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  1. Creme Cup! My most used Lippy :-) I think you'll like it! V.Jealous of the Nars blush palette! x