February Favourites

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Where has time gone? February has flown by but I've got to say I'm loving the sunshine March has brought so far.

Today I'm sharing with you the products I loved all February long.. Here goes...

First up is the Nars At First Sight Palette. This has been my go to every day palette for my eyes and cheeks this past month and it has made my make-up application so speedy. With four stunning shadows and two cult cheek products it's perfect. I can see this being a favourite until I finish the very last pan. If you're interested in this I'd grab it while you can as it is limited edition.

Next up is one of MAC's most talked about products, their MSF in Soft and Gentle. I've had this in my stash for a while now but never really reached for it until recently. I now use it everyday to highlight my brow and cheek bones as well as dusting a little into the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them. I don't know why it's took me so long to appreciate this product but I get it now. Just be careful with application as it can get full on very quickly if you don't use a light hand. Other than that, it really is love.

My love for The Body Shops body butters is well documented and it wouldn't be a favorites without one in the dryer months. The smell of coconuts is a bit of an obsession for me at the moment, it's the kind of smell that transports you to a tropical beach instantly. This body butter is no exception, it smells delightful and keeps my skin flake free which is wonderful. It's definitely lighter than the Honeymania one but I think I prefer it as it means that greasy feeling lasts less than it usually does. There's nothing bad to be said about these in my opinion. They're talked about and praised for a reason. Expect to see it in future empties, favourites and hauls posts.

Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder is something of a drugstore hero. Everyone will have tried it or thought about trying it at some point or other and I'm no exception. My T-zone has been a total oil slick as of late and my Urban Decay de-slick alone was no longer doing this job. A light dusting of this combined with the setting spray has got my oil under control and doubles the staying power of my make-up. Happy days. There really isn't anything to complain about with regards to this and I'm sure I will repurchase when the time comes.

Dr Jarts Regenerating Beauty Balm has been something of a saviour these past few months. I've used it most days as my base but it really stood out for me this month. My skins been going through a weird phase this month and has been red and breaking out so I needed all the coverage I could get. This balm covered exceptionally and I also noticed it made my blemishes and breakouts heal during wear. My spots were smaller and less angry after removing the balm and my redness was minimised. Could just be a coincidence but it's been wonderful. It is pretty pricey but it's the only BB cream that matches my skin tone and covers well enough for my needs. It's just fantastic and I can't recommend it enough. I love it so much I have one stashed away for the day I finally run out. 

Dove's Colour Radiance leave in conditioner has been another saviour this past month. My hair is getting to a length where it needs that extra bit of help to keep it looking its best. I spritz this all over damp hair, comb through and my hair is shiny and new again. It smells amazing, does the job and is super cheap so there really is nothing not to like. I've already ordered another Dove leave in spray so I can see this becoming a regular favourite.

Last but not least is the much talked about Hydraluron. As much as I desperately wanted to hate this, I don't. My cheeks and chin have been particularly thirsty as of late and this has turned that around. It does what it says on the tin and there's nothing bad I can really say. It's pricey if you ask me but it's a small price to pay for good skin. I snagged mine at Boots with a third off so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain if this takes your fancy. 

So those were my top picks for February. What were yours? Feel free to leave links and comments down below. 


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  1. Really want that nars pallette - I'm all about space savers but usually multiple product palettes have a few duds - that looks lovely though! I was also loving stay matte powder and also primer this month as my skin just went into meltdown oil mode for no reason haha!


    Katy xx

    1. It's a lovely palette, going off my experience there are no duds. The only shade I was worried about was the purple but it's so pretty on. Ha I'm glad it's not just my skin going crazy this past month.

      Kirstie xx