March Favourites

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There's been a whole lot of product loving going on this month and I've some total gems in this post that I don't think I could ever be without again.. 

Of the bunch, the most life changing has been the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. I used to think these expensive oils were a fad that didn't deliver but boy was I wrong. I bleach my hair so it's always in need of extra TLC and this product makes my ends and mid-lengths visibly healthier and they look the best they have in months. I'm totally hooked and I can't believe I put off purchasing and believing the hype for so long. I have the Deep Repair mask on my hit list so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

With my hair woes fixed it was onto my fine under eye lines. I've been using Origins Ginzing for a good few months and I feel like it's dried my skin out immensely. Since switching to using Origins Starting Over both morning and night that problem has been fixed. I've also noticed my under eyes look plumper so my lines are less prominent - winner. I'm just really happy with this eye cream and it's the first to meet my needs in a long time. 

Moving on, I know I pronounced my love for MAC Soft and Gentle last month but this month there was a better product to knock it off the top spot. Nars Copacabana has been perfect for the low key look I've been sporting a lot this month. It adds a subtle, pearly sheen to the skin and looks natural in all lights. It's a dream to apply and a little really does go a long way so this tube will last ages. If you've got pale skin I'd definitely give this a swatch if you're passing a Nars counter on your travels. 

Last for this little section is Soap and Glory's Supercat eyeliner pen. Wow is all I can say. I've been dabbling with my Maybelline gel eyeliner but find the whole brush and dipping faff annoying so I set my sights on this beauty at the start of the month. Needless to say I've not been disappointed. It really makes lining your eyes easy peasy. It's a no fuss product that produces great results so I have nothing but great things to say. Safe to say I would recommend this to anyone that struggles to achieve that perfect cat eye that everyone's after. 

These two are my favourite favourites of this month. First is the L'Oreal Collection  Privee lipstick in the shade Julianne. This is the perfect nude, peachy pink. It really brightens my lips and is the perfect spring shade for me right now. The formula is nicely pigmented and moisturises too so it applies like a dream and looks lovely on. 

And finally, the best of the bunch Nars Final Cut Blush in Love. Described as a tea rose shade it adds a pretty flush to the cheeks that looks totally natural. It's the type of shade that you can throw on without much thought because it really does go with every kind of look. As with all nice blushes, it's got great pigmentation and lasts on the skin too. I could waffle on about this for ages but it's lovely. I'm so glad I have it in my collection too as I've just noticed it's no longer available on the Nars website.

And there you have it, all the products that have been rocking my world this month. Feel free to leave me links and comments below letting me know yours.


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