April Empties

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So this month has flown by. Luckily it seems I've used up quite a good amount in what seems such a short space of time so I'm happy nonetheless. Also, for the first time in ages I've finished up candles. It's a rare occasion but it feels so good. As that is a monumental thing I'm going to start with those.

Yankee Candles are my favourite, I'll just come out and say it. I don't understand all the fuss over brands such as Diptyque and Jo Malone; it's literally a lot of money to burn and the scents are nothing to write home about. Mini rant over.

The two scents I've used are Banana Cream Cake and Pineapple Cilantro  and oh my were they good. I'm a fruity scent gal through and through and these smelt so delicious I can't even begin to describe. Yum. I already have a back up of the Pineapple Cilantro but I'm sad to say that Banana Cream Cake was a limited edition so there's no chance of me getting my paws on it. Sad face. At £19.99 they aren't the cheapest but I've been burning these for ages and the smells are so true to life they can't be beat. If you're in the market for a candle I'd definitely check out the Yankee Candle website. Definitely damaging to the wallet. 

The Clinique Clarifying Lotion has been in my stash for yonks, I recently tried it again and no surprise the results were terrible. The remaining 1/4 of it went down the sink and I will never be purchasing this again nor would I recommend it. I would actually suggest you actively avoid this product at all costs. Awful. 

Another terrible product is the Scrub Of Your Life by Soap and Glory. I'm not a fan of the scent and I hate the formula even more. It's a foaming scrub which to me resulted in two things - minimal scrubbing action and dry, dry skin. After two uses on my body this stuff took pride of place cleaning my feet. I don't know what it is but Soap and Glory as a brand are no longer on my radar and I'm so underwhelmed by their line now that I've tried out better alternatives. 

With all that bad, there has to be some good and that comes courtesy of John Frieda. I finished the matching conditioner of this last month and now the shampoo has finally joined it. I love everything about this line I'll be honest. For reviving my blonde it works a treat. In terms of the shampoo, the only gripe I have is that it doesn't lather too well but that's being picky. 

It wouldn't be an empties post without some Body Shop bits now would it. Not one to disappoint I have another three this month. The Papaya Body Butter has been keeping me soft and smooth this month and it's been a delight. What I liked most was that the fruity scent was subtle so it never interfered with my perfume. These body butters are always winners though. 

Next up is the Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt. My love for this product knows no bounds. It smells delightful and produces a mountain of bubbles. As always nothing's perfect and I think it's obvious that the packaging lets it down a bit. When it's full it's really easy to pour out the desired amount but as you get closer to the bottom it takes a while. Nevertheless it's lovely and I would recommend giving it a whirl. 

Lastly is what has come to be my pick of the bunch when it comes to body scrubs. The Pink Grapefruit scrub has a gelee texture that is a dream to work with. It scrubs amazingly and leaves no residue whatsoever. I've been so underwhelmed by scrubs lately that it's nice to finally find a product that ticks all the boxes for me. I feel like a repurchase might be imminent. 

Onto the last bits. I purchased the Norwegian Formula hand cream purely for the fact it had SPF. Overall I really like it but I have to be really careful not to apply too much as it has a tendency to peel a little if you go overboard. I will repurchase again purely for the SPF, as it's so hard to find a hand cream with SPF. 

Origins Make A Difference Plus has been my day/night cream for a while now and while I enjoyed using it I wouldn't repurchase. I saw a difference in my skin, but nothing that I wouldn't have saw using any other moisturiser. I also prefer to use different creams for day/ night as my skins needs are different. While I wouldn't necessarily repurchase this one, I have gone back to the Origins brand so keep your eyes peeled for this guys replacement. 

Last but not least is a product I had high hopes for. Purity Made Simple is a cult cleanser if I believe the hype. Having tried it, i'd say it does no more than any other basic cleanser. It didn't wow me and for the price, I definitely need to be wowed. If you've been thinking about purchasing this, try get a sample or the small size to give it a road test before committing to a larger bottle. 

So that's all for this month. I'm really enjoying these monthly updates. I feel like I'm making good progress on my stash and it's nice to be able to buy new things totally guilt free.

Let me know what you guys have been finishing up lately, I always love to hear.


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  1. Great post :) I love Yankee candles!

    I don't know if you remember but I used to have a blog called sunbeamsanddaisydreams and regularly read yours, I have been away from blogging for a while but I'm now back with a new blog if you'd like to check it out x


    1. Hello stranger, I wondered where you had gone! I hope you're well =). I'll be sure to check it out xx