Origins haul

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For those of you who have seen my empties post, you'll have noticed that I needed a new cleanser and moisturiser. The only brand that has been making my skin happy in recent times is Origins so it should be of no surprise that I turned to them in my time of need.

A good natter later and here's what I left with...

I'm going to start with the freebie first because lets face it, we all love one. On the day that I went in, they were offering a free full size Plantscription Serum if you spent over a certain amount and as you can see, I did. 

This isn't something I would purchase for myself right now, but the reviews are good so I'll be giving it a whirl once my ANR runs out on me. What a sad day that will be eh...

Now onto what I spent my hard earned cash on..

For cleanser I opted for the A Perfect World one which comes complete with lots of incredible claims. It's an antioxidant cleanser that helps to detoxify the skin by getting rid of all the nasties that have accumulated during the day. In lamens terms, I guess it's supposed to undo the damage done by daily life which is quite a bold claim in my opinion. I've yet to crack this open as I've been working through a sample size but I'm excited about it. Fingers crossed it is as magic as they say. 

For moisturiser I also picked from the A Perfect World range but this time for a different reason. Yes it's antioxidant like the cleanser, but what sold me was the SPF. Origins moisturisers tend not to offer SPF which I'm not too thrilled with, so it had to be this little beauty. It's exciting that it has similar claims to the cleanser and SPF so it'll be interesting to see how things go with this. I've been using it every morning for the past week and a bit and so far so good. It's too early to see a permanent change but my skin does look better after I've applied it. It's got a glow about it.

So that's my little Origins haul, check back to see how I get on with my purchases.


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