Philosophy: The Ever Disappointing Brand.

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For those of you that may remember, I purchased Philosophy's The Care Package Gift set in the sales this past Christmas. I've now worked my way through the majority of the products and I have to say, I'm really disappointed. 

First up is their Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 cleanser. This was the product I originally bought the gift set for. I'd heard a lot about it but I wasn't willing to shell out quite so much for it. After finishing up my 240ml bottle I can definitely say it wouldn't be worth the RRP. It promises to cleanse, tone and remove make-up and I'm not entirely sure I'd agree with any of that. It didn't lather well and my face never felt squeaky clean after use. As for toning I wouldn't really know to be honest, I always use a Simple toner afterwards so that's that really. Lastly make-up removal, I never tried it and I don't think I would. The thought of rubbing a foaming cleanser over my eyes just does not appeal to me. Some say it works a treat but it's not something I'd try. 

When I received this, I couldn't wait to start using Purity so it was gutting when that bubble burst but every cloud eh... I now know that it isn't worth full price and that it doesn't work for me so I can move on with my quest for the perfect cleanser.

This next product on the other hand works fantastically, but the scent is so unbearable it cannot be used. I'm talking about Hope In A Jar, the moisturiser of choice for Philosophy fanatics everywhere. It's got a delightful souffle texture, sinks in beautifully and leaves skin super soft. Amazing indeed. But oh the smell.

 In the jar there's a faint waft of Lavender but when applied this goes away and is replaced by an absolutely rancid wet dog smell. It's just so awful I can't even begin, even my boyfriend went out of his way to avoid my face after application. I also thought I should point out that it doesn't die down; it lingers on your face the whole time. 

I've read online that people just get used to the scent and stay with it because of the results but I don't think I'll be one of those people. I'm just so gutted about this because the product itself is absolutely fantastic and I'd recommend it a million times over if it smelt different. 

That's my little moan for the day but I felt I had to get it out there as these are expensive products and they're either flawed or overpriced and non-effective. It's a shame to be honest as I really wanted to love both, but I've replaced them with two far better alternatives so it's a win overall. 

I'd be really interested to know if any of you lovely lot have tried these and what you thought about them? Love or loathe?


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