May Empties

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I finished more products *does a happy dance*. Sadly most of these are staples so they're either back in my collection already or they will be shortly. 

I finished up a Shampoo and Conditioner from the Elvive Highlights range. These have been in my empties before and you will no doubt see them again as I swear by them. They smell amazing, are super affordable and do a great job. There's nothing not to love. 

Simple's Soothing Facial Toner has been a staple for a while and I'm all stocked up thankfully. It has no fancy claims but it calms my skin a treat and when redness is an issue anything that calms is a lifesaver. 

Soap and Glory's Clean on Me has been a long time in the making. I don't like the scent anymore so to get through them quicker I've been using them as bubble bath. When you don't take baths all that often it can take a while. Finally I have one to chuck out and it feels so good. I regret over using these back in the day as I really used to enjoy this product. As a bubble bath it's fantastic though. It makes mountains of bubbles and keeps skin supple so no complaints.

Dove Colour Radiance Leave In Conditioner was great. After colouring, my hair was in a bit of a state and this combined with the Macadamia Oil has really turned its condition around. A few spritzes is all you need and it smells amazing too. I've already repurchased and I'm almost positive that this will become a hair care staple for me.

The Sainsbury's shave gel you have seen before. It's cheap and it does the job, but as I always say I'm not loyal to any particular brand. I would recommend this though as it's quite lovely for the price. 

The Body Shops Mango Scrub is the only let down of the bunch this month I think. I'm not the biggest fan of their scrubs in general and this was up there with the Honeymania one in terms of poor performance. It was simply not scrubby enough and it seemed to disappear from my skin in seconds. Fail. I would absolutely not recommend The Body Shop for scrubs. The price point is ridiculous and they don't deliver one bit. Sorry to hate but I'm not impressed. 

This next one is a great love of mine. Oral-B 3D White Luxe  is an absolute must have for me now. It's the only toothpaste that has ever delivered on its claims and I couldn't be more pleased with this. A splodge of this on my Sonicare brush and that Hollywood smile is all mine. 

An expensive hand cream in my empties. Yeah you saw it right. And you'll never see it again. What an unimpressive product. I got the Origins Make A Difference hand cream in a gift set and I've finally finished it. Hurrah. I'm not a huge lover of the smell and it just never sank in so I won't be rushing out to buy the full size anytime soon. I still love Origins but this was a bit of a dud. 

It wouldn't be an empties without a Body Shop Body Butter now would it. This month it was the Passion fruit variety and it was lovely. I say this every month I feel but there really isn't a bad one in my opinion. They all smell fantastic and they all work well on the skin. There will be more for sure.

The Blistex Intensive Moisturiser is my go to treatment for chapped lips. The thick formula repairs lips almost overnight and heavens knows I need it. You will see this one again for definite and if your lips need some TLC you know where to turn.

Finally we have a naughty one. I know face wipes are something we shouldn't use but sometimes you've got to grab a wipe and the Simple ones are my pick of the bunch. These remove make-up well and don't dry out my skin so when I'm feeling lazy I know I'm in safe hands. The only downside is that they aren't the nicest thing to use to remove eye make-up. It can take a lot of effort and things can start to sting. Repurchase or not? That is the question. I'm leaning towards no because I know I should cleanse properly and make no excuses. Must try harder springs to mind but we shall see. 

And we're done. I feel like I should do these in a series of posts I use up so many products. Let me know what you think about that please. Also feel free to leave me your empties links or comments, you know they're my guilty pleasure.


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