My Hair Care Routine.

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I don't think I've ever done this post in the time I've been blogging so it's well overdue. For those wondering I have bleached hair so I gravitate towards products that keep my blonde bright and moisturised. That said, onto the products...

I don't believe in paying a lot for regular shampoo and conditioner. My philosophy behind this is that it doesn't stay on your hair long enough to make much of a difference so why spend too much. The Elvive Nourish and Shimmer shampoo and conditioner has been a staple for me for a good while now and I will continue to use it until they discontinue it. It smells delicious and keeps my hair in tip top condition on an everyday basis.

Around once a week I take a break from the Elvive line and use a purple shampoo and deeper conditioner, to keep brass at bay and pamper my hair. My go to purple shampoo is the John Frieda Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo. It's cheap as chips and works a treat. Deep conditioner wise I've always been a fan of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Line and I always have one stashed away somewhere. While the Aussie is really lovely, if I've a special occasion coming up or my hair needs a big of extra TLC I'll reach for the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask as of late. It's divine!

No matter what shampoo, conditioner combo I've used these next two are absolute staples. I'll let my hair dry a little and then spritz all over with the Dove Nourishing Oil Care leave-in conditioner. Following this I'll apply a pump of the Macadamia healing oil treatment concentrating on my ends and mid-lengths. Some might say that two leave in products is too much and will weigh hair down but I've yet to find this. 

And there we have it, my steps to tip top hair. If you're interested in any of the products you can find most of them at Boots while the Macadamia I tend to purchase from Amazon.

I'd love to hear about your routines. Is there anything missing from mine?


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