June Empties

by - 16:14:00

I feel like these posts get longer and longer each month. With that in mind i'm going to divide them into repurchases or not. If it's in the repurchase section you can go ahead and assume I enjoyed it. If it's not a repurchase I'll tell you exactly why. 

For this month, I would actually repurchase all of the above bar two.

The George Extreme Lash was bought on a whim a while back when I needed a longer wearing formula. It's cheap and it's terrible so stay away ladies. 

As for the Simple Eye Make-up Remover I just think it's terrible at removing anything. Waterproof/ non-waterproof there's still going to be make-up on your eyes and no matter how much you use there always will be. I'd save your money and look elsewhere as for easy eye make-up removal, this is not your friend. 

And there you have it, my June empties. I'd love to see what you guys have been finishing up this month so feel free to leave comments and links down below. 


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