Barcelona Haul - Duty Free and Sephora

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No holiday would be complete without a little trip to duty free. It was bound to happen so here's what caught my eye.

The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Travel Exclusive duo was going to be mine even before I saw it. Two full size glosses for £24, who can resist. Sadly you can't pick your shades so you'll receive 01 (rosy pink) and 02 (milky peach) but luckily they're both pretty. I couldn't wait to start using them so they made an appearance on my lips shortly after take off and I've never looked back. They're foolproof to apply and go with every kind of look so they're perfect for travel.

This is where I thought my duty free adventures would end... but then MAC happened. I didn't go crazy as you could see and they are things I wanted but still... I felt shoppers guilt for definite. 

Into my bag fell Sushi Kiss lipstick and Lightscapade. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I redid my make-up and slapped these two on and the guilt magically disappeared. I love them both so much. Lightscapade is the most stunning highlight. It reminds me of Soft and Gentle but without the chunky glitter. It's sheeny but subtle and it looks great with or without a tan. 

As for Sushi Kiss, where do I start? The most amazing coral/orange which isn't too outlandish. It's lovely. My only gripe is that your lips really need  to be in good condition to get this to apply smoothly. With a swipe of balm and a good scrub this lipstick is the I'm so glad I remembered to pick this up as it was my go to evening lipstick for my entire trip. 

Now for the real fun... Sephora.

I literally couldn't wait to step foot in the store and I was sadly disappointed. The product ranges were very much the same as we have here and the brands we didn't have seemed scarily overpriced. That being said I did enjoy the lack of consultants. It was nice to peruse high end make-up without being harassed. 

So what did I pick up? Just the one thing sadly and it was the second thing on my list. I initially intended to get the Pro Airbrush 55 brush but they had sadly sold out. Fortunately they had the 56 brush in stock so I snapped it up and I'm really glad I did.

It's the perfect brush for applying base I feel. It works well on the larger planes on the face but is also small enough to really work product into all the corners of the nose and around the eyes. Functionality aside, this brush is softer than any brush I have ever felt and looks so sleek too. It's a total winner. Cost wise it worked out at around £17 I do believe which is more than I would usually pay, but when in Rome eh. I have no regrets though because I do love it.

And that's all for now.. I don't know why, but my urge to splurge on beauty is just waning at the moment. I'm hoping it comes back with a vengeance before my trip to NYC!

Let me know what you guys have been picking up lately. Heavens knows I could use some inspiration.


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