Effortless Day Make-up.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a big announcement to make.... I've scrapped foundation.

As of late I've been growing increasingly frustrated with applying it; my ever changing shade needs and ending up like a blotchy, shiny mess. 

Despite using primers and powders religiously, 10am rolls around and I've scraps of foundation here and there but for the most part my skin looks very much like the skin I have with no foundation on. I soon found myself asking the question what is the point? 

I know people will probably be like it's you, you're not using it right but let me tell you in the 5+ years I've been into make-up I've tried everything. From sponges to brushes, liquids to powders I've tried everything and I've never truly been 100% happy with any of the results after initial application. When they first go on they're lovely but when they wear off, they wear off horribly on me. 

Enough of the foundation bashing for now (I will get there I'm sure) here's what I'm using to make my au natural face look socially acceptable... Cue selfie....

For skin it's all about Nars. I buff a small amount of his Hot Sand Illuminator onto the high points of my face and then finish off with a generous dusting of Laguna bronzer... All about that bronzer at the moment - it's everything a bronzer should be. 

Eyes wise, Too Faced's Natural Eyes palette is my pick at the moment. I apply Heaven all over my lid and then take Cashmere Bunny through my crease for a subtle amount of definition. To add a bit more emphasis on my eyes I draw a fine line as close to my lashes as possible (NO catflicks here people), curl my lashes and then finish it all off with Maybelline's The Rocket in the waterproof formula. 

On my lips has been anything and everything lately... I've not really been loyal to anything I'll be honest. From lip butters to the Melted liquid lipsticks I've been wearing them all. 

And there you have it people... The lazy girls guide to leaving the house without scaring people away... I joke but it feels so good not to have to add another layer.

I'd love to get your guys' opinion on this one. How do we feel about leaving the house sans foundation/concealer? Is it something you do everyday or avoid everyday? Let me know, I'd be interested to see your responses. 


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