Fragrance Picks For Fall

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We've talked about make-up this week so I thought  I would turn my attention to fragrance. This is also something that I think you should switch up when the cold sets in. Gone are the days of the eau de toilettes and light floral fragrances, here come the heady, rich eau de parfums. 

First up is Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb, perhaps the sweetest fragrance ever to exist. I love this scent, it's distinctive and lasts an age on me. A major plus point is the compliments that will come piling in as you walk around wearing this. It's heavenly. I'm not good with notes but this site has all the details. To me it smells like candy and all things girly. 

Next up is a fragrance which I've not heard that much about to be honest. I was in the beauty halls around the time this was released and was subjected to numerous samples. Needless to say it smells delightful and I eventually caved and ordered myself a bottle of the Jimmy Choo EDP. This has the same longevity as Flowerbomb but it's more on the fruity side of things. It's much akin to a summer scent but the warmth makes it more winter appropriate. All the technical details here. My only negative is that my bottle spritzer is broke so I have to pay special attention or else it'll end up in my eyes.

These next two will be lifelong favourites of mine for sure and there's a reason why they're loved the world over. First up is Angel which is gourmand for definite. It's chocolatey, musky and deliciously sweet. When applied you quite literally smell good enough to eat. A firm favourite and I even own the eau de toilette version so I can wear it all year round. If you've never had a whiff get yourself to a department store ASAP. 

Last, but by no means least is Alien. This is one of the most unique fragrances I've ever tried. I definitely can't describe this one so I'll leave it to the professionals. It's magic in a bottle. I got my first ever bottle for my 20th Birthday and I've been obsessed ever since. I urge anyone looking for a fall fragrance to give this a chance. 

And those are my picks. Let me know yours down below.


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