Tom Ford Lipsticks

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Billed as the best lipstick you'll ever try, my latest purchases had a lot to live up to. I purchased three shades during House of Fraser's recent new season event, bagging myself 20% off when combined with my student discount. Who can say no to 20% off Tom Ford? Exactly. I was planning on purchasing these for my Birthday anyways so why not save in the process.

I picked up the shades Spanish Pink, True Coral and Wild Ginger and I have to say I'm obsessed. I really didn't want to buy into the hype surrounding these lipsticks as they're so pricey but I have to admit every single bit of praise you've heard is true. 

They're highly pigmented, moisturise like a dream and stay on the lips for longer than other comparable lippies. Spanish Pink I thought would be the one that would be difficult to wear. An opaque, nude pink likely to emphasise cracks and lines I thought. I needn't have worried. It applied like a dream on my less than perfect lips and my lips looked smooth, healthy and beautiful. So impressed. MAC Creme Cup is along the same nude lines but it's a nightmare to wear when my lips aren't quite up to scratch. I can see that one going to the back of the cupboard in favour of Mr Fords offering. 

The other two I've yet to wear, but when swatched in store they were very much akin to Spanish Pink. Now I just need to find the right occasion to wear them.. Hopefully it makes an appearance soon as I'm dying to give them a go.

Without further ado, here they are...

Ahh how gorgeous. I was also pleased to see the packaging isn't black as every woman and their blog seems to suggest. It's the signature Tom Ford brown which you can see in some of my images. I don't know why but the deep brown makes it feel far more luxurious as I feel black and gold packaging is ten to the dozen when it comes to cosmetics.

The one thing that did strike me however was how heavy they are. They feel about as luxe as a lipstick can. When they're in your hand you feel like a million dollars. It's one of those products that has a real feel good factor about it. It costs a small fortune but it feels quite substantial so that makes it sort of ok haha. 

While they're heavy on packaging I was surprised by the product amount. The bullet seems out of proportion when compared to the packaging. I really thought you might get more but hey ho, they say the best things come in small packaging and this is the best lipstick. 

I've a feeling my collection will slowly expand over the next few months and I'm hoping Santa might be reading this too....  *hint hint*.

If these have taken your fancy you can find them here at £37.


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