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Good morning lovely people, today I wanted to show you a few things I picked up from Boots recently. I ran out of my eye cream and was snared by their 3 for 2 offer so I ended up with more, no surprise. A Sleek Eyebrow Stylist also hopped into my bag. I finished my old one and needed a replacement ASAP. It's a brilliant budget brow product (try saying that three times fast).

I'm a fan of Soap and Glory bath products, but I've never gone out of my way to purchase or look at their skincare. Whilst browsing for an eye cream I found that theirs generally had really positive reviews so I took a chance on their 'Make Yourself Youthful' rejuvenating eye cream. At £14 it's a snip compared to my usual eye cream choices so I figured I didn't have much to lose if it didn't do anything amazing. As with all products it offers so much so here's the official blurb...

An eye cream so powerful it’s like ‘face yoga’ in a jar.
With Soap & Glory’s clinically proven SUPER-YOUTH™P3000 complex, oxygen boosting ENERGINSENG™, INSTANT SWIFTLIFT™ effect technology, undereye-brightening LIGHTSCRAMBLE LUMINOSPHERES™, plus PUFFEASE-360™ and cool cucumber juice – it’s an all-point attack on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, pigmentation and tired eyes.
  • Fights dark circles & undereye puff
  • Instantly rejuvenating
  • Smoothes away fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tones, firms & instantly tightens
  • Flaw-minimising & radiance boosting
  • Brightens & illuminates

Quite a lot going on there wouldn't you agree? So far I will admit that I'm impressed. The thick formula sinks in like a dream and illuminates without the horrid sheen of Origins GinZing. It really is lovely to use and you need to use so little that I can see it lasting ages. I've not been using it long enough to see full effects so I'll give you a full review once I've given it my final verdict.

Eye cream in the basket, I couldn't resist a snoop at the rest of their skincare line and ended up picking two more things just to make up the 3 for 2. First up is a product that a lot of people use and love, their 'Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser'. This gets rave reviews and a lot of people have said they prefer it over the Liz Earle offering. I use a gel cleanser in the morning at the moment but I figured this thick, cream cleanser might be better during the cold winter months. As always this comes complete with the usual sales bumf so lets read shall we...

Who needs a facial when you can stay at home and enjoy The Ultimelt™ from Soap & Glory™? It's super-concentrated, smoothing, revitalising, and deep cleansing – like a detox spa for your skin.
• super-concentrated cleansing, smoothing and revitalising
• melts away make-up
• rebalances and brightens
• for all skin types (except those sensitive to essential oils)

So many exciting promises wouldn't you agree? I can't wait to crack this one open and see if it really is as good as the hype suggests. Fingers crossed because for £10 this could be a beauty bargain.

The last thing was a bit of an impulse purchase I'll admit. I was swayed by the fact that it mentioned flight in the product name but y'know, these things happen. I am of course talking about their 'Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night and Flight Moisture Miracle' . I'm imagining this to be like an overnight/ long flight skin miracle. I'll fall asleep a dehydrated, scaly mess and wake up with glowing skin, or at least I hope I will. Here's the pitch..

Guaranteed to be an overnight sensation, Soap & Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator™ has elasticity and barrier repair-boosting HIGHDRATION-24H™, and detoxifying OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY.
It floods your skin with moisture; stopping dry, dehydrated skin in its tracks, so you wake up to – or land with – dewy, luminous skin.
*Formulated to work intensively for overnight and long haul flights, but is equally effective should you choose to deploy its super healing powers at alternative times/ places.• with powerful rejuvenation boosters• regenerating and repairing dry, dehydrated skin• smoothes, hydrates and luminises• balanced for all skin types.

So many good things eh? This one has largely positive reviews but there seems to be limited coverage so I hope I'm not taking too much of a gamble (but for £13 I won't be too upset). Fingers crossed eh? It seems nice enough I'll be honest. It smells similar to Peaches and Clean and has a thick but not heavy consistency. Either way I'll be sure to let you know if it's a dud or a must have in the coming months. 

And there's my little haul guys. Let me know what you guys have been picking up lately, I love hearing your recommendations.


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